Lower the age of cervical screening from 25 to 20

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Created September 21, 2010 by Hannah


This is a petition to lower the age of cervical screening from 25 to 20 years of age.

This subject is very close to my heart as last year I was diagnosed with cervical cancer at age 20, thankfully after a radical hysterectomy I have been given the all clear. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Too many cases of this silent killer go undetected and destroy the lives of so many.

Please support our campaign and sign this petition, every signature counts.

When this petition is complete me and my sister will cycle it to Downing Street and raise money for Cancer Research

This petition is now closed and is no longer accepting signatures!

There are currently 1384 signatures for this petition:

  1. Kate Kirkwood UNITED KINGDOM


  2. Sandra Davidson UNITED KINGDOM

    Such an important issue. Well done!

  3. Sandra Davidson UNITED KINGDOM

    Well done.

  4. Linda Goldberg UNITED KINGDOM

    wishing you success in your praiseworthy project,
    good luck

  5. Laura wilbur UNITED KINGDOM

    Good Luck

  6. Charlotte Watson

    All the best for the campaign. A great cause.

  7. Zoe Millward UNITED KINGDOM

    I can’t understand whyteh age for a smear was put up to 25. Three of my friends have had abnormal cells removed from their cervix when they were below 25. Luckily this was before the age for a smear was increased to 25. They could have developed cervical cancer if a smear had not picked up the abnormal cells.

  8. helen noble UNITED KINGDOM

    it should be the same in all the uk

  9. emma johnson UNITED KINGDOM

    good luck!

  10. Patience Akiri

    This is a worthy campaign. Good luck!

  11. Rebecca Owen UNITED KINGDOM

    Good luck with your campaign


    Had my 1st smear at 17, had abnormal cells then, I think I’d had two sets of treatnent by 25, age should never be an issue.

  13. vinny UNITED KINGDOM

    I support this with all my heart,think 25 is way too high,good luck and hope they listen,it should be an individual choice and not chosen for you by the government xxxxx

  14. Lorna Breen UNITED KINGDOM

    Please lower the age of screening for cirvical cancer

  15. Mairead Ashton UNITED KINGDOM

    Good work :)

  16. sam.holmes UNITED KINGDOM

    good luck.

  17. rosemary sargeant UNITED KINGDOM

    please lower age :-)

  18. Martin Cartwright UNITED KINGDOM

    It should never have been moved from 20 to 25 in the first place. Good luck, common sense and wellbeing is on your side.

  19. Nicola Boulter UNITED KINGDOM

    All the best with such a worthy campaign

  20. Rebecca Green UNITED KINGDOM

    Concerned for all women. This needs to be reviewed.



  22. Lynda Hodgkins UNITED KINGDOM

    I thourghly support this

  23. Maria Goodyear UNITED KINGDOM

    Good luck with the petiton a tryly worthy cause.

  24. Liz Martin UNITED KINGDOM

    Good Luck

  25. Sally Baker UNITED KINGDOM

    Good Luck

  26. Cllr David Gould UNITED KINGDOM

    It would appear necessary to scan as many as possible.

  27. Sarah Bird UNITED KINGDOM

    Good Luck

  28. Katie Steele UNITED KINGDOM

    You’re an inspiration, we need more people like you in the world!

  29. Debbie Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    The age should not have been lowered. Good luck.

  30. Shirley Cunniffe UNITED KINGDOM

    Good Luck!

  31. Elizabeth Fletcher UNITED KINGDOM

    This could save so many lives.

  32. Natalie A Plimmer UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep going this is needed to save more young woman!

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