Lowestoft Beach Hut Terms And Condition Changes And Price Increase

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Created January 14, 2014 by Vickie


This petition is against sentinel who has sent out this years lowestoft’s beach hut hire agreements which has doubled price in since 2013, without any consultation with the hirers. The proposal from sentinel is that the beach hut remains on the promenade for the entire year. Bearing in mind the recent floods it would have been disastrous for a wooden hut. They have offered no improved or additional facilities within the new agreement during the summer period and very limited in the winter months. Bearing in mind that there is no presence of authority during october to may our huts would be very much at risk from vandalism even more so than in the summer. The huts themselves are extremely expensive together with the contents in them, which you wouldn’t chose to replace on a regular basis. The new huts in pakefield which people committed to at the end of last year have also been subjected to this unexpected enormous increase. We are petitioning against the price increase and the new terms and conditions. Our suggestion would be for the contract to be changed to a two tier contract i. E half year or a full year which ever is your choice. We need 600 signatures for it to go to the scrutiny committee. So please sign the petition and back our fight against sentinel.

There are currently 11 signatures for this petition:

  2. Anne Simpson UNITED KINGDOM

    I have a hut

  3. anne simpson UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Wendy Stevens UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Paula Meades UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Marian bainbridge

    fees increased 100% with no consultation or prior warning. Advised can keep hut down whole year for new fees but it is not safe to do so because of weather and vandalism . I do not wish to lease a piece of promenade in the winter months . As it will be empty as I do not intend to keep my hut on the prom for said reasons. I will be paying for a piece of prom that dogs will probably foul there should be a two tier system . Fees for 1/2 year and full year .

  7. Tracy berry UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Margaret J Cassidy UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Beryl & Fred Jones CANADA
  10. S Brabben UNITED KINGDOM

    In total agreement at the outrageous rise in rent – I have a beach hut on Jubilee. Having written to Sentinel, the response was less than favourable. totally support the half and full year rent approach.

  11. R Brabben UNITED KINGDOM

    Totally support the challenge on rent increases. The rise is outrageous – no consultation with current renters. In full agreement for Sentinel to offer half and full year rent choice.

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