Michaels Right to Special Education

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Created May 13, 2011 by Bernadette


Michael Singleton is 13 years old and has Autism.

He is currently educated in in autism unit within a mainstream primary school and has received special education since nursery school.

This year, Michael will be starting secondary school and West Lothian Council Education Authority have REFUSED him a place within an autism unit.

He is to attend mainstream high school. He has also lost his school transport provision and his parents are now responsible for getting him to and from school, paying all costs incurred.

Michael's safety will be at risk if this decision is upheld.

He cannot cope in a mainstream environment and cannot transport himself to and from school on the service bus each day.Please sign this petition if you think Michael has the right to an education tailored to his needs.

There are currently 233 signatures for this petition:

  1. elizabeth wright galashiels UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Taylor Campbell Livingston UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Lesley Carver Livingston UNITED KINGDOM

    When will the authorities stop overlooking important factors when it comes to education. They have introduced a system in schools which is suppoesed to give every child the best education tailored to their needs and they fail at this crucial hurdle.

  4. shiree townsley fauldhouse UNITED KINGDOM

    Give Michael the chance he deserves!

  5. Gary Mowat Livingston UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Simon Jones Livingston UNITED KINGDOM

    This is disgraceful! Every child has the right to equal opportunity when it comes to education! Michael is disadvantaged compared to another child of his age before he even begins to contemplate the upheaval he'll be subjected to during transition to high school. Therefore adding stresses like transport etc on his parents and himself strike me as a form of neglect from the council!

  7. Lynne Craig Livingston
  8. Julie Mowat Livingston UNITED KINGDOM
  9. kevin smith blackburn
  10. Samantha Mcfarlane Livingston
  11. David Kidd Livingston
  12. hannah hannah glasgow UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Janice gardner UNITED KINGDOM

    Hi, I am in exactly the same boat would really like to talk to u online, I mean exactly the same situation same west lothian same age son same, problem. jennyleebzeuk@yahoo.co.uk

    or Janice Gardner on Facebook

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