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Created April 8, 2010 by Ben


The UK is losing out both in sporting and economic terms as a direct result of the law that requires an Act of Parliament to suspend the Road Traffic Act on a stretch of the public highway. Throughout Europe (and also in Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man),

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  1. Philip Wylie

    If they can do it in Ireland (North and South) there is no reason can not do it in UK. I have two rally cars based in Ireland and if they offered closed road events in England one of the cars would be based in Hertfordshire which would benefit the local economy. It makes so much sense.

  2. Hans Viertel UNITED KINGDOM

    Please allow us to close roads for motorsport

  3. christian thorne UNITED KINGDOM

    this will make the roads a safer place to be.

  4. David Campling UNITED KINGDOM

    This would benefit local communities, give more people the chance to watch Motorsport events and maybe get involved.

  5. joan williamson UNITED KINGDOM

    We are very much in favour of closed road competition in this household. It is already done in IOM, Eire and on the continent for competitive events. It also happens down in Australia where the Targa events take place on closed roads. When the Targa Tasmania is on, the police close local roads on a “rolling” four hour basis. It’s easy, the locals know what to expect and the local economy benefits enormously. It makes sense and if people in the UK were approached in the right way, there should be little problem.

  6. David Elms UNITED KINGDOM

    In favour

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