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Created April 8, 2010 by Ben


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  1. Yvonne Hall UNITED KINGDOM



  3. Geoff King UNITED KINGDOM

    The rest of the world close public roads for rallying, hill climbs, sprints etc so why not on mainland UK.

  4. Richard Elms UNITED KINGDOM

    Mainland UK is just about the only European country that does not allow closed road events – it is about time we caught with modern trends and bring rallying closer to the public in a safe and controlled format.

  5. Nigel Davies UNITED KINGDOM

    Closed road motorsport will can help boost the economy by providing business local to the event with customers. It also makes the sport more attractive to newcomers which will also increase the sales to motorsport related businesses. Evidence for this can be seen in places such as the Isle of Man and Ireleand where a large group of competitors and spectators willingly plow their hard earned money into these areas.

  6. Jerry Hampshire UNITED KINGDOM

    Closed road events should be held in the UK

  7. Alan J C Brown UNITED KINGDOM

    These events bring great pleasure to participants and the viewing public alike.

  8. Shaun Rainford UNITED KINGDOM

    This would be great for the British motorsports industry and local economies.

  9. Rob Mortimore UNITED KINGDOM

    It makes sense to help promote any activity which will encourage spending money to help growth in our economy.

  10. Anthony H B Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    About time we had motorsport on designated and safe road venues.

  11. Dave Hailes UNITED KINGDOM

    It would be fantastic to have the option of road events, not noly for competitive sport but also for classics

  12. Steve Boarder UNITED KINGDOM

    Will be a huge bonus to British Motorsport and the local economy.

  13. Mike Reed UNITED KINGDOM

    I cut my teeth in rallying on road events in the early 70.s it would be fantastic to be able to use roads for stage events and hopefully cheaper than the forests. GREAT IDEA.

  14. Paul Kelly UNITED KINGDOM

    This is the way forward to promote motorsport as a whole and expecially rallying and hopefully speed events will be included in this as well

  15. Mr Vaughan Jones

    Yes we should have close roads

  16. Kevin Massie UNITED KINGDOM

    This would be a great idea for Aberdeenshire and could bring tarmac rally events to the north east where there are a large amount of motorsport fans who find it difficult to travel due to cost for fuel and accommodation.

  17. Stephen Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    Fully support this proposal.

  18. Rob Heathcock UNITED KINGDOM

    This has massive potential to promote motor-sport which is a major contributor to the UK economy. The benefits to local economies as were demonstrated through wider sporting events such as the Olympics cannot also be denied

  19. Rob Heathcock UNITED KINGDOM

    an excellent idea with massive potential to contribute to the local economy and encourage take up of motorsport

  20. Theodor Ensbury UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s stupid we have this rule in Britain, it has lead to the almost destruction of Rallying in this country.

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