New Equipment In The Park In Bourne Road

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Created August 12, 2015 by caroline brown


In order to get new equipment have been told a petition has to be presented to west berkshire council. I’m sure everyone will agree the small park in bourne road most definitely needs a re vamp and to be updated. The park is used everyday by the residents of pangbourne. I’m sure the children would appreciate a joyful ride too.

There are currently 14 signatures for this petition:

  1. Dannielle lenk GERMANY

    Agree 100% having grown up in the area all my life and not seen change in over 10 years it’s time for a more modern park for all the kids to stop them playing in the road

  2. Mark page-smith UNITED KINGDOM

    The park is all metal and very dated and alot more children in the estate now so an update is long overdue

  3. Caroline brown UNITED KINGDOM

    Roindabouts barrings are either going or gone, baby swing is dangerous for a child to sit in as it pinches. To be honest the whole park is a flop!

  4. Sarah Harper UNITED KINGDOM

    The wood chip flooring needs replacing, the roundabout is impossible to turn and it could all do with updating.

  5. Dianne pike UNITED KINGDOM

    My 19yr old daughter used to play on this when visiting
    Her grandma Patricia Stanley.77 Bourne Road.

  6. suzanne page smith GERMANY

    Very outdated we use this park daily. But when refurbing it u need to keep it so its good and accessible for every child including the little ones. I wouldnt change the equipment id just put newer versions. The children love the roundabout and the swings.


    The children don’t want to play there even the little ones as its so dated and equipment is useless.

  8. andrew millard UNITED KINGDOM

    long over due a revamp !!!!

  9. andrew millard UNITED KINGDOM

    long over due a revamp !!!

  10. Delia walker UNITED KINGDOM

    I took two of my friends children to the park and the first thing to catch my eye was the baby swing its breaking in two it pinches and I dread to think what will happen if this gives way while a baby is in it this park hasn’t had any new equipment for as long as I can remember and has anyone witnessed any maintenance of the equipment already in place.

  11. Chantelle Bullen UNITED KINGDOM

    Roundabout doesn’t work properly, there is writing all over the slide not nice words for children to be reading either, baby swing isn’t very safe and only one in the park need 2 so there’s no arguments with children wanting to go on them.

  12. lisa andrews UNITED KINGDOM

    I don’t use it that much as my 5year old gets bored but I grew up in pangbourne and the park hasn’t changed much, could do with another baby swing , revamp on the round about and some serious TLC there’s a lot of children round here so would be nice if they had a better equipt “little” park to play in.

  13. Rita Maher UNITED KINGDOM

    Too many little ones having to play on the road which is not safe. More fun equipment is needed to keep the children going there.

  14. chantal amy giles GERMANY

    The park on Bourne road is not in the best condition. The roundabout is soo stiff it hurts my back just trying to spin It for the kids. There are soo many children on Bourne road who regularly use little park, they deserve a space that is safe and fun for them to play in. The little park is dated and needs some serious revamping

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