No to the Devonwall boundary change

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Created August 13, 2010 by Jude


The new coalition Bill on election boundaries of equal size makes it inevitable that one constituency will run across Devon and Cornwall.

Once the Bill is passed and the law in place, no arguments will be able to preserve Cornwall's border.

This is being rushed through in September. We need to campaign now!

There are currently 456 signatures for this petition:


    A definite NO to DevonWall

  2. Allison Huson St Austell UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Amanda Rawling Penzance UNITED KINGDOM

    This would be another move to homogenize people into sheepish little yes men and cannon fodder.

  4. David Carne st.Austell UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Anne Mackay Penryn UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Chris Watts Par UNITED KINGDOM

    The Cornish are a minority in their own country. What hope is there?

  7. Lynn Curnow Helston UNITED KINGDOM

    What else is going to become centralised or lumped together? Why is every bit of independence for counties and the country as a whole slowly being eroded from this country?! Next the Govt will be calling us mini America, Mini Poland, or some such nonsence. Leave things that work, well alone for pity's sake!

  8. David Mitchell Helston UNITED KINGDOM

    We dont want it

  9. denise taylor Tywardreath UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Pat Cook Wadebridge UNITED KINGDOM
  11. phil jeffery-burt penzance UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Ian Whitford Penzance UNITED KINGDOM
  13. michael pomery UNITED KINGDOM

    There is really no need for this to happen. What’s next? They could combine Yorkshire and Lancashire!

  14. Janet Hammond

    How dare they – how very dare they!!!!!!!
    W e are Cornish!!
    Have some respect – dreckly!

  15. Richard Hammond

    They can’t do that!!

  16. Lily Edwards UNITED KINGDOM

    Cornwall is Cornwall. Time we stood our grpund. Im sick of the way we are loosing our green areas to companies, so many actual Cornish people feeling out of place in their own home. They are taking it too far. Our identity is now threatened badly. Corwall has its own language its own flag and its own people . How about them asking us first? The subject should never have cropped up to begin with.

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