No to Tory Police Cuts in London

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Created June 7, 2010 by joe


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There are currently 347 signatures for this petition:

  1. kim meadows london UNITED KINGDOM

    London needs more police officers not cutbacks. How is crime to be tackled with fewer PCs on the street?

  2. Mila Fernandes London UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Victoria Yorke Cheltenham UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Donna Reeve London UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Michael Yorke gloucester UNITED KINGDOM

    stop the job cut!

  6. Catherine Collingborn UNITED KINGDOM
  7. John Lipetz London UNITED KINGDOM

    We need an effective police presence and these cuts would put this at risk.

  8. Fiona Yorke Cheltenham UNITED KINGDOM

    My son is a Metropolitian Police Officer In Harringay. They need as many police officers as possible to maintain law and order.

  9. John Webb UNITED STATES
  10. Rhiannon Bryant UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Franco Calligaro London ITALY

    An other Johnson's bad idea.
    I like to live in a safe enviroment.

  12. Hannah Sheppard Archway UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Karen Beardsell LONDON UNITED KINGDOM
  14. David Jones London UNITED KINGDOM

    Cutting back on police officers will almost certainly have an adverse affect on Safer Neighbourhood Teams.
    Our SNT on Harringay Green Lanes has led to a great improvement in the quality of life here.

  15. John Nunney Haringey UNITED KINGDOM

    I disagree with cutting police numbers.

  16. Jo Fontana London UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Gordon Miller London UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Helen Riley London UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Stephanie Curran Beckenham UNITED KINGDOM

    They do a brilliant job and are stretched enough as it is!

  20. fassil tadesse totnehham UNITED KINGDOM

    it is not acceptable at this moment intime doing such a thing which affect the entire community ,pls lets thing for the venurble one day we all leave this world, do the write thing during your short stay

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