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Created December 23, 2010 by Katherine

Human Rights

On friday 17th December, a petition with over 750 signatures was delivered to Stephen Williams at the Council House in Bristol. Despite this huge show of public outcry, and the support of Mr Williams, Siva's MP, Siva's situation remains critical. Sivarajah, a 26 year old father, is to be separated from his two young children (2 and 4) if he is deported back to Sri Lanka having lived in the UK since childhood.

Sivarajah, aged 26 has been living in the UK since he was 14 years old. He has been in detention since 7th December, first at Trinity Road Police Station in Bristol and subsequently at Campsfield, Colnbrook and Dover. He was detained with no warning and no reason was given to him at the time.

During his time in detention he has been held in solitary confinement, kept in a filthy cell, misinformed and kept in the dark by the authorities about what is happening to him.

Siva is a much loved member of his community in Bristol, often cooking for 130 people at the Bristol Refugee Rights welcome centre. He is also a keen cricketer, and is a member of two cricket teams here. Demonstrators have been wearing cricket whites during protests in Bristol City Centre- hoping to appeal to the British sense of 'Fair Play'.

His deportation would be a direct contravention of the Human Rights Act, Article 8 which states that everyone has a right to family and private life. He has no family in Sri Lanka, his parents having been killed when he was 9 years old.

We hope to continue to show Damian Green, Minister for Immigration, that the public will not stand for this abhorrent treatment of asylum seekers. This petition hopes to collect even more names in support of Siva's case.


If you support our call to protect Siva's human rights, please sign this petition.

There are currently 269 signatures for this petition:

  1. Jesuratnam Ponnudurai Ilford UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Deborah Joffe Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    This is an issue of both obeying the law and doing what is morally decent. The detention of asylum seekers and the disregard for their fair treatment is abhorrent in a country which has led the world in human rights.

  3. Charlotte Murray SWEDEN
  4. sylvie cordier frome UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Demelza Jones Cheltenham UNITED KINGDOM
  6. catherine lawerence bristol

    I am appauled at the treatmet Siva has received. I want him to be given leave to remain here with his family.

  7. Rebecca Lloyd UNITED KINGDOM


  8. Sohan Bamania UNITED KINGDOM
  9. simon barnshaw UNITED KINGDOM

    I have noticed in public toilets there’s cctv wacthing you go to the toilet you are not getting no privately for yourself the law say no cctv camers in public toilets they have them in the changing rooms wacthing you undress this has been going on to long so when we go to the toilet every time does this mean we have to be watchedeverytime

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