Protect the Human Rights of Siva Rajah

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Created December 23, 2010 by Katherine

Human Rights

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  1. Phillipp Schofield Aberystwyth UNITED KINGDOM
  2. johannes shanmugam cheltenham UNITED KINGDOM

    The war may be over in Sri Lanka not the conflict. Tamils are subject to torture, rape, murder and disappearance. Siva is an asset to this country and must stay.

  3. Vairavapillai Rajayogeswaran Sidcup UNITED KINGDOM

    Srilanka is a very unsafe place for any Tamil person. Srilankan government packed with racisit men and women in the cabinet, all with a mindset to annihilate the Tamils to create a Sinhala Buddhist country. The liberation war was falsified as Terror war to stage a racial war against the Tamils. 20/12 post war no reconciliation, no political solution to solve 62 years of nogoing political oppression. In the past two months over 15 abductions, ransome, rape and extrajudicial killings in the Jaffna and the northern area. No rule of law.Civil administrations says one thing and armed forces does another to subjugate the Tamils. It has become very dangerous for any one who has lived in the west for some time to visit or return to the Island. High risk, for Sivaraja to be sent back, he is sure to disappear. What ever propaganda Srilanka makes to be seen as no violence,no war.But the Tamil population being harassed. Floods in the Eastern province, President visited the Sinhala area-Polanaruwa and avoided going to Batticoala- predominant Tamil area. Man who claims that he is the president to all, but has failed to see for himself the sufferrings of the Tamils in the east. Please understand the plights of Tamils, crime against humanity continues unabated. We request Fairness, Justice, and safeguard human rights for all to live with dignity.

  4. Muthamizh Vendhan Chennai INDIA

    pls save the human rights

  6. Raj Vaithilingam Southampton UNITED KINGDOM

    I support this petition

  7. Sockan Yogi Harrow UNITED KINGDOM

    His deportation would be a direct contravention of the Human Rights Act, Article 8 which states that everyone has a right to family and private life.\r\nS.Yogi – Asst. Director of Act Now. Human rights organization.


    We pray for the restoration of his status quo from a land of saviours. It is very heartening to see that a man who is born and living in a country is forcibly deported to a land of demons where human rights are not respected and genocide was committed.

  9. peram kana
  10. Andre Henriette London UNITED KINGDOM


  12. Indran Chinniah Heerhugowaard NETHERLANDS

    Don't deport

  13. Eliza Mann London

    Sri Lanka is not safe for the Tamils yet as disappearences, torture and extra Judicial killings of Tamil still taking place.\r\nPlease do not break the family by keeping Siva away from his children.

  14. Vythilingam Paramanathan West Kensington INDIA

    In the late 1990s there was intense war in the North & East of Sri Lanka and Tamil youth were persecuted for one reason or another. Siva Rajah had arrived here with the hope of becoming a respectable citizen. During the 12 years he stayed in this blessed country he has become one, and let him continue to be one.

    I implore you to let him stay in the UK
    In addition, Tamil returnees, particularly assylum seekers, from the UK are forcibly taken away on arrival at the airport and their whereabouts of many are not known.

  15. Lauren Lovell Middlesbrough UNITED KINGDOM


  16. Aaron May Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  17. noxhanti piliso UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Mark Stubbs Darwin NT Australia AUSTRALIA

    Makes you hate governments and government workers!

  19. Carolyn Skinner Wimbledon UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Lavi Bala Hounslow UNITED KINGDOM

    Please don't send him. Danger for his life if sent to Sri Lanka.

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