Protect the Human Rights of Siva Rajah

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Created December 23, 2010 by Katherine

Human Rights

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There are currently 269 signatures for this petition:

  1. myfanwy buckeridge Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Bel Greenwood Norwich
  3. Linnea Strand Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    I have travelled extensively in Sri Lanka, and am horrified at the thought of Siva, having spent the last 12 years in the UK, being deported there without contacts or connections. My first child was born in May, and the thought of her being separated from her father does not bear thinking about, and I sign this petition in outrage and desperation on his partner and children's behalf. For the sake of his family and all the people whose hearts he has touched, please reconsider. Kind regards, Linnea Strand

  4. Simon Chesters Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    Let Sivas chidren have there father home again…

  5. Josephine Collingwood Tavistock UNITED KINGDOM
  6. jessica buchan Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    Not only would Siva's deportation be against his personal human rights but speaking as a GP i know his family would need a lot of support from the state and services if they are left fatherless and as the children grow are far less likely to contribute to society without Siva who is a valued member of his local "big" society.

  7. rachel evans london UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Hannah Westall UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Frances Atang york UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Becky Beach London
  11. Rachel Goodchild Bristol GERMANY

    I can not believe that this young man could be sent to a country where he knows no one & taking him away from his family here!

  12. Maggie Bointon Plymouth UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Emily Piti Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  14. William Goodchild Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    Good luck … our thoughts and prayers are with Siva and his family.

  16. claire moloney dublin IRELAND
  17. kath marsh Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  18. jane graziano UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Deborah Wales Bath UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Chloe Goodchild Bristol

    Please respect Siva's human rights Let him remain in UK with his family

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