Protect the Human Rights of Siva Rajah

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Created December 23, 2010 by Katherine

Human Rights

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There are currently 269 signatures for this petition:

  1. Maria Teresa Gil Bazo Newcastle BELGIUM
  2. Patrycja Pinkowska Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Neil Johnson Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Hannamari Saastamoinen Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Jesse Heckstall-smith Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    Please don't deport this man! show some compassion

  6. rebecca yeo UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Helen Greensmith Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Jakub Jablonowski Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    Dear Sirs,

    No matter what your views on migration are, Siva Rajah's detention and forthcoming deportation is a clear violation of human rights – which I always thought this country championed. Siva has lived in Bristol for so long, he has friends and family here. Letting him stay is not only a matter of compassion, but also a matter of law in accordance with Human Rights Act, Article 8. Siva may have violated immigration laws as a 14 year old child, but he does not threat national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country – so should be allowed to excercise his right to family life freely.

    Please do not let this happen.

    Many thanks,
    Jakub Jablonowski.

  9. Davinder Dhariwal Melksham UNITED KINGDOM

    Do the right thing and let this man stay with his child, I thought the law states that if you live in country for more than 7 years you have a right to citizenship?

  10. Liz Roberts Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Emily Tomlinson UNITED KINGDOM
  12. linda joynes Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Sophie Driver Letchworth UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Helen Mott Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Nick Thomas Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Gemma Hayes London UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Jane Howard Teddington UNITED KINGDOM

    Whilst I am sure this case is more complex than indicated by the facts outlined above, nevertheless it is difficult to imagine any circumstance under which it would be morally correct to deport this individual from the UK to Sri Lanka and for this reason I urge the UK immigration authorities to reconsider this case as a matter of urgency.

  18. Hannah Wolstenholme Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Claire Noon Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  20. judith sluglett Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
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