Protect the Human Rights of Siva Rajah

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Created December 23, 2010 by Katherine

Human Rights

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There are currently 269 signatures for this petition:

  1. David Grice Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Natasha Price Bristol UNITED STATES
  3. Sian Martin London UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Marta Glowacka Bournemouth UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Joanne Baker Bristol
  6. Andrew Gill UNITED KINGDOM
  7. dave antram penzance

    If they want him out they shouldhave done this when he was 14. Not wait till he as paid tax settled in and have british born children the UK goverment is wrong on this matter all arte individua;l delt with but this is outrage and absolute digust in the policeing and dealing with immigrants gross mis conduct on uk law

  8. David Cuthbert Winscombe UNITED KINGDOM

    It is disgraceful that it is necessary to make this petition.

  9. Jackie Thomas Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Ornella Saibene Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    this deportation of human beings with no regard to what is going on in their private lives, without the jnowledge of their relatives and friends is tauntamount to kidnapping by the state

  11. Joanna Malgorzata Wisniewska-Mikulska Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  12. June Burrough Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  13. maria viana bristol

    supporting Silva's right to stay in the uk with hes chilren's

  14. Glen Burrows Bridgwater UNITED KINGDOM

    This is gross and inhumane treatment of one of our community. It shames our government, country and all of us

  15. Gale Sophie Exeter UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Ben Hudson Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Jenny Byrne Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  18. hannah curtis exeter UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Maria Clare Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    Please respect Siva's human rights. Please do not break up his family.

  20. Pauline Pollard Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
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