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Created April 29, 2012 by danielwesoly


Timesplitters was a game that stole everyones hearts back in the year 2000. When the next edition to the title came out ‘timesplitters 2′ gamers went even more mad over the fun and fresh feel of the gameplay. Timesplitters future perfect was the last in the series, and a timesplitters 4 was announced around 2008-2009 but since then free radical was shut down meaning timesplitters 4 was stuck in limbo. This petition is to show crytek and publishers everywhere that the game is still loved by many gamers today and would be a goldmine for crytek to start developing. Some quotes say ” its ridiculous to why they have not released it yet ”.. Many others ask for a kickstarter to show crytek interest. The last petition that was made about timesplitters 4 got up to 18 thousand signatures, this petition aims to break that and finally show publishers that timesplitters 4 is ready to go banana’s all over the gaming industrys modern day generic shooters

There are currently 148 signatures for this petition:

  1. amber dante UNITED KINGDOM

    There needs to be TS4 to balance out all those “generic war” First Person shooters

  2. jason clark UNITED KINGDOM

    Time splitters for eva!


    We need this or an HD Collection! Future Perfect was an amazing game!

  4. Käy Vriend NETHERLANDS

    Make it so.


    Make this game and Battfront 3

  6. Jamie Lipscombe

    we need this soo much, please make TS4

  7. daryl mcintosh UNITED STATES

    we need this

  8. Justin Alger UNITED STATES

    Please please Publish TimeSplitters 4. We miss the best game series ever :(

  9. Jermoni Joseph UNITED STATES

    This game seriously needs to see a release date, the FPS market is so lean in creative shooters its turning true gamers away. The latest title that did something new was Brink and it has a load of potential but lack luster support. TS games have ALWAYS been high quality in their animation, gameplay, humor and voice acting. The Level Creation was mad fun and led to countless hours of game time mix that with a share feature online multi and you have a very strong game with a unwavering fan base. Please Crytek reconsider and fund this Golden title because honestly I own every Crysis game you have made and I have to say I was extremely unimpressed with Cry2 & will not buy 3 but I would buy a solid new Timesplitter title and support it for years to come & I know there many others who would agree.

  10. Ren May CANADA

    Time to split already!

  11. Aaron

    These games are the sole reason I keep my PS2.

  12. john jonez UNITED STATES

    this game really needs to come back bc “if” it did it would be a great game and a great seller

  13. Kris Bergeron CANADA

    OMG I ******* HOPE

  14. Randy Alberto UNITED STATES

    i still ahev timesplitters 2 and future perfect :) go timsplitters


    This game needs to happen. My Gamecube memory cards are full with Future Perfect maps. New game, new console, new levels! Don’t be like Blizzard; don’t turn TS4 into StarCraft:Ghost. I refuse to purchase a Crytek game unless they release TS4.

  16. Alex Porter UNITED STATES

    Timesplitters is the single greatest franchise in Gaming History! The co-op gameplay Scratch that! Split Screen was AMAZING being able to play with 3 friends to kill monkeys and make them angry was revolutionary to the genre of First Person Shooters. This game needs to make a come back!

  17. Marcel GERMANY

    DO IT


    Really cannot wait for this game to hopefully be announced. I was a massive fan of the timesplitters series on the PS2 and i cannot wait for TS4! I also hope that it will be produced on ALL Platforms as i’m now a PC gamer!

  19. Tom Black UNITED KINGDOM

    PLEASE please please make Time Splitters 4! :D

  20. Palko

    TS is Best

  21. Dan Young UNITED KINGDOM

    The previous Timesplitters games were simply fantastic, and to this day I am yet to see a shooter as different, fun and funny. Enough with the Call of Battlefields, It’s TS4′s time to rise!


    Even a HD remake of the first 3 would be great!

  23. Ewan GIlligan UNITED KINGDOM

    make it

  24. Justin Tundrea

    Please just make it.

  25. Deniz A.D. GERMANY

    The first 3 Timesplitters were great, so i want a Timesplitters 4

  26. Sawyer Loiselle CANADA

    We NEED this game!!!

  27. Raymond CANADA

    I want this game too exist and a HD collection of the original games too.

  28. Adam S. C. UNITED STATES

    The TimeSplitter’s series is one of the best game series I’ve ever played, HD remake would awesome, just package it with TS4 and you’ll sell alot of games.

  29. Guillem Martínez Sanchez

    I love this game, please make it! TS4!!!

  30. Ghost398 UNITED STATES

    You better make this game…

  31. Sake Corsillo CANADA

    I love TimeSplitters!

  32. Ryan Colman UNITED KINGDOM


  33. Sam Della-Valle UNITED KINGDOM

    Please don’t end an amazing series.

  34. Kristaps UNITED KINGDOM

    I waiting this game SOOOOO LOOOONG. I wanted to get it! I was so happy when played TS: FP on PS2 and WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME EVEN ON MY PS3!!! I am so excited of this game, so many challenges, so many characters, gameplay, story! I always played TS with my brother, and there was so many epic modes, just few words: I Fall In Love On This GAME!!! They MUST realise this game!!! This will be SO BAD if TimeSplitters will be not on PS3 ;(
    I wondering how can play that trash called Little Big World?! It looks like s**t and that name of the game pfff hilarious! :D Just please realise this game!!! Please! :(

  35. Jhun Viln Montina AUSTRALIA

    I love the Time Splitters game, and I think they should make a new or a HD collection.

  36. Daniel Bielitz UNITED STATES

    I hope this works and helps nto even call of duty zombies or MW can compare to timesplitters you can’t make custom maps only ghost recon had customizable guns

  37. al ganymede UNITED STATES

    Frign timesplitters make it somutch to do best replay value in any shooting game period hands down

  38. jazzy km UNITED KINGDOM

    please make this game i loved playing TS2 when i had the xbox and i do want to play the new TS4

  39. Sgt. Cortez GERMANY

    Please!! Make Timesplitters 4!! I Beg you!!

  40. Caoimhin McGlinchey UNITED KINGDOM

    it’s ******* TimeSplitters!

  41. Caoimhin McGlinchey UNITED KINGDOM


  42. Jim McCallion UNITED KINGDOM



    this game is better than any other fps, and it ruled my childhood.

  45. Anna Radford

    Because I love the Time Splitters Series and I have play the last 3 game.

    I have had so much fun with these games and so much enjoy from playing them with my family and friends. :)


    I’ve had enough of all these MMS games (AKA Cod clones). Let’s see more great FPS games like TimeSplitters, which present unique and original elements

  47. noah UNITED STATES

    Well I love this game it was my life no joke! when I was like 6 I played this with my sister and now all timesplitters games are number 1 on my list. I really hope timesplitters 4 comes so I canplay it with my sister again.

  48. Tommaso Dalla Riva

    I love this game….is my dream please. Timesplitters 4 our Timesplitters HD collection

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