Ray William Johnson Should Have His Own Wikipedia Page

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Created September 29, 2010 by Dean


This is a petition to get a Wikipedia page of the popular YouTube star RayWilliamJohnson!

If Shane Dawson, Nigahiga and Fred can get their own Wikipedia pages then why can't RWJ get his own as he is an internet star!

Please sign this petition if you want the great RWJ to get his own Wikipedia page and be known as the best along with Fred, Nigahiga and Shane Dawson!

There are currently 30 signatures for this petition:

  1. Kostya Kluxon Kyiv
  2. Kate Maslova Yaroslavl
  3. Akmal Edzraf KUALA LUMPUR
  4. Sukhmanii Kahlon Seattle UNITED STATES
  5. bjkbjk jkbjk bhkbhjk RUSSIAN FEDERATION


  6. alyona bocharova RUSSIAN FEDERATION
  7. nickolay ch GREECE


  8. Ilya Shebalin Tomsk RUSSIAN FEDERATION
  9. Sheshire the Cat Cheshire land

    Cheshire cat is cheshire


    Ray William Johnson Should Have His Own Wikipedia Page

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