Remove Jonathan Legard from the BBC F1 commentary

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Created November 15, 2010 by Ian


The BBC's F1 coverage has been outstanding for the past two years with one glaring exception. Jonathan Legard's shouty, ridiculous and unintelligible commentary has jarred against one of the best summarisers in the sport, Martin Brundle. Often it is totally contrary to what is being shown on screen to the viewers and the ridiculously repetitive nature of what he says is demeaning to F1 fans.

We implore the BBC to replace Legard during the closed season.

There are currently 9 signatures for this petition:

  1. Ian Phillipson
  2. Richard Gray Kemnay UNITED KINGDOM

    Please remove Legard, he is the worst commentator ever. He just talks too much for TV, put him back on radio (but not doing F1).

  3. Richard Baldry Oxford UNITED KINGDOM
  4. John Rhodes Bradford UNITED KINGDOM

    He really ruins the programme for me whilst Brundle et al are magnificent.

  5. Melvyn Scott Borehamwood UNITED KINGDOM

    BBC, please listen to all the negative comments, an DO something about it.

  6. Nigel Mills Staines UNITED KINGDOM

    Just give the jobs to Croft and Davidson.

  7. Malcolm Vaughan Ludlow UNITED KINGDOM

    Frequently doesn't seem to know what is going on. States the obvious. Adds no insight.

  8. Jermaine Hardy Alcester UNITED KINGDOM

    The HRT of commentary.


    Now thats Jonathan Legard is gone, lets start a petition to remove David Coulthard.
    He keeps interupting Martin Brundle with brief comments about whos in the pits or whos just overtaken who. He gives no further insight to what Martin has already said.
    The “Vettel has a problem” commentary was the last straw for me. He has to go.
    One finer point. Its “VET-TULL” not “VEL TELL”

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