Safe stations are staffed stations

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Created September 3, 2010 by Lianna


We, the undersigned, demand that the Mayor and Transport for London rescind the cuts to staffing levels on the London Underground.

Every day, London Underground staff help passengers by offering advice on accessible and step free routes; by helping passengers board trains or disembark safely and by lending a hand on stairs and escalators.

Visible and present station staff are also crucial in deterring and dealing with crime and antisocial behaviour.

Disabled and Older Londoners rely on an adequately staffed tube system to travel safely to work, to enjoy the capital's culture, and to meet friends and family. Cutbacks to staffed stations will condemn more people to becoming housebound and isolated.

We urge the Mayor to commit to keeping stations fully staffed, and to ensure that disabled people have the choice to travel safely and accessibly at all times of day.

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