Sandhills Car Park Fair Pay On Exit System

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Created January 11, 2018 by Rachael Hunter


We want to change the unfair system of parking at sandhills car park, instow which allows the management company to use predatory tactics to send pcns (private charge notices)
we want a fair, transparent system of pay on exit

There are currently 272 signatures for this petition:

  1. Fiona Spittle UNITED KINGDOM

    Its just wrong.

  2. Emma webber UNITED KINGDOM

    The bullying tactics they use are disgusting!

  3. Neil Blackburn UNITED KINGDOM

    Pulled in briefly off the road and received a PCN and £60 fine. Unethical money making scam

  4. Sharon Connaughton

    I don’t believe signage is clear for parking and ambiguous as to where car park starts with the access road. I think a barrier and pay on exit scheme would stop any dispute as to where the land is chargeable

  5. Philip condron UNITED KINGDOM

    Fining people for little indiscretions is barbaric and should be stopped and made illegal. It is plain and simply extortion.

  6. Charlie Frewer UNITED KINGDOM


  7. Paul Jepson UNITED KINGDOM

    I pulled in and saw that it is cash payments only. Then promptly left as I did not have any cash on me. Well within the 10 minute grace period shown on the sign.The photos taken by the car park cameras show that I was there for less than 10 minutes.
    I was issued a fine regardless. It is very clear that they are simply sending fines to whoever their camera registers. Surely this is fraud?

  8. Wendy Deemer

    My sentiments are exactly of those as stated by Sharon Connaughton, dated 11/8/18 .

  9. Babs Palmer UNITED STATES

    So many friends have said they no longer go to Instow because of this aggressive parking system currently in place. Pay on exit would be sensible and restore confidence to people who used to enjoy shopping in the local shops.

  10. Claire Denslow UNITED KINGDOM

    Similar to others, the car was stopped in the entrance to programme the sat nav. Was there 5 minutes, well within the grace period if had actually been in the car park proper. Didn’t however appear that the car had even entered the car park, the entrance appeared further down. The engine was never turned off and no one exited the car. After sorting the sat nav, drive away and received a PCN for £60 for blocking the entrance. You could drive a bus through there! The car was never intended to be parked there, it was simply a place to pull in and turn around. Disgraceful unethical company. if we had parked and returned late to the car, or never paid to park then that would be different, but the company don’t seem to care about the people who have genuinely done nothing wrong. I wish I could earn money as easily as they seem to.

  11. Liz Burwood UNITED KINGDOM

    unscrupulous and greedy system that is driving visitors away from Instow

  12. Gill Herriott UNITED KINGDOM

    I left my car on two occasions just off the road so I could use the toilets opposite. Was only a few minutes on each occasion and I got a PCN for both occasions for ‘parking on the access road’. Personal letters to DSFP both rejected, appeal to IAS also rejected. When I am down in Devon now unless I can get a space along the road, fairly near the loos, I do not stop to take my dog on the beach, we have to find somewhere else. What a shame this company has blighted Instow.

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