Sandhills Car Park Fair Pay On Exit System

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Created January 11, 2018 by Rachael Hunter


We want to change the unfair system of parking at sandhills car park, instow which allows the management company to use predatory tactics to send pcns (private charge notices)
we want a fair, transparent system of pay on exit

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  1. Dean houle

    Just shocking


    A completely unfair and predatory form of parking to maximise revenue for the owners without a care for the community

  3. Lynda Davies UNITED KINGDOM

    They’re ruining lovely Instow with their predatory tactics. Businesses need to speak up too!

  4. shirley shapland UNITED KINGDOM

    I have been following this group for sometime and its hurts to think Instow has received such negative publicity this past year and all because of the lease holder of Sandhills car Park seems to issue PCNs at a drop of a hat . This isn’t reflecting well on Instow , so sad , You would think Christie’s who own the land would want to protect Instow and its people / businesses. Shocking state of affairs I call it , To those who are campaigning to turn things around and get a better fairer system of paying on exit installed Good luck and Bless you for all your efforts .


    Unjust and not fair .

  6. Janie Wellman UNITED KINGDOM

    Instow isn’t the same anymore mainly because of this

  7. Henry Butterfield UNITED KINGDOM

    Yet another rip-off.


    I’m not against parking charges but this system exploits the unwary and is clearly a money making concern. Furthermore the excessive penalty charge is incompatible with the so called ‘offence’.

  9. John Heywood

    Pay on exit is the only fair way of collecting parking charges. The cowboy firm that are presently mis-managing the car park could probably purchase the equipment cheap from NDDC as they removed a system from one of their car parks in Bear St. Recently.

  10. Lucinda monk UNITED KINGDOM

    Outrageousness..i walk my dog at Instow when i as in Uk.
    I spend alot of time in Spain as my partner lives there, mostly there you dont have to pay anywhere to park, some places charge but only at certain times…

  11. Jim Brierley

    terrible car park, very unwelcoming and expensive and predatory in terms of PCNs being levied for minor infringements of ridiculous rules

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