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Created March 26, 2014 by Daniel Race


Please sign our online petition to support planning officers both in Epsom and Mole Valley to reject any loss of green belt. The Woodland Trust will safeguard 640 acres of land but one field has been retained by Langley Bottom Farm. This land is immediately adjacent to the village and villagers fear future residential development. At the same time the RAC private members club are negotiating with Epsom planners to abuse the green belt in order to expand their facilities. This area is now surrounded by potential breaches of the green belt. Epsom and Mole Valley are committed to retaining our green belt but require your support.

There are currently 215 signatures for this petition:

  1. Michael Singleton UNITED KINGDOM

    We can’t allow a precedent to be set.

  2. Kim Shrosbree UNITED KINGDOM

    THE RAC club can be doing nothing other than increasing their profits by building on green belt – this must ABSOLUTELY not be allowed to happen.

    If the green belt planning boundaries are stretched now, they will only be stretched further and further in the future.

  3. Annita Palizi JP UNITED KINGDOM

    It is quite simple. Green Belt land is just that, it is meant to be green. There is no need to build on it. The council can compulsory purchase unused land and houses from property developers in urban areas and redevelop it. Green Belt development is not an option. Stop looking at answers economically driven by property developers and listen to the people, which is why councils and MPs are meant to exist.
    No Green belt development.
    Thank you.

  4. Garry Young UNITED KINGDOM

    The green belt should be exactly that. The south east of England is at risk of being concreted over because of commercial greed and this Government having changed the planning rules in England to make it easier to override local sentiment in favour of development.

  5. Paul Handford

    Even backland development should be stopped. Epsom is already over-populated.

  6. maria johnson

    Lets keep Epsom green. Shameful and distressing to see the continued building and diminishing open space. I am sure no one wants to concrete the whole thing but commercial interests will not care.

  7. maria johnson

    Keep the green belt green. Please lets not concrete over everything. It keeps people sane, and retains some space for wildlife. Its very important – defend the green belt.

  8. maria johnson

    The green belt is very important – please no more concrete. It is important we retain some open space, some space for wildlife, and for people to remain sane – we cant concrete over everything. Ensure the green belt is sacrosanct.

  9. Kevin Greening

    Save Epsoms Green belt, that’s why we moved here.

  10. Sjoerd NETHERLANDS

    The earth needs to breathe.

  11. Shirley Watson UNITED KINGDOM

    What will become of Epsom’s green belt areas? That’s why it’s so different to many other Surrey towns.

  12. Victor Fraser UNITED KINGDOM

    Politicians, in their wisdom, decided to contain the spread of London. For the sake of everyone, including Londoners, this should continue.

  13. Ella price UNITED KINGDOM

    Because the Greenbelted areas would be there long after the houses would be. We need to save as much green areas for as long as possible otherwise wildlife can’t thrive and air pollution will increase.

  14. Sabah Kamal UNITED KINGDOM

    Protect our green spaces

  15. Paul Crispin

    Save this green and pleasant land from the cancer of the land grabbing profiteers!

    It is our duty to protect our greenbelt for future generations

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