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Created October 2, 2011 by The Action Group

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SAVE Our Youth Worker Posts!

The youth workers at Peterhead Academy, are at risk of losing their posts. Mrs Val Buchan and Mrs Julie Coban are very well respected and liked by the young people that they work with. We think that without their help and support, many of us could end up going to residential schools and not manage to stay at Peterhead Academy. If the Education Authority want to save money in the very short time and spend a lot of money in the long term making Val and Julie redundant is the way to go.


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  1. Sharon Bradford GERMANY

    Typical local authority tactic I have to say! Good on you for raising a petition. I had the privilege of working alongside Val many years ago and have never met such a dedicated worker. Hope this petition gets the support it deserves

  2. jeanscott UNITED KINGDOM

    these cuts are getting out o hand ridiculous hope these women win this .a lot o youngsters gony suffer if they dont .

  3. Morag Jernslett UNITED KINGDOM


  4. Nicola Thomson UNITED KINGDOM

    These cuts are going too far !! … alot of kids will suffer without the help of staff like Mrs Cobban and Val !!

  5. Shireen Strachan UNITED KINGDOM

    I was a pupil in PD base, and Val and Julie did a lot for me. The young folk will suffer massively without there continued support! Please share the page people :)

  6. leighanne UNITED KINGDOM


  7. Jennifer Cordiner UNITED KINGDOM


  8. Karen Christie UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a disgrace ! alot of children are going to miss out on some much needed support !

  9. Nicky Louise Hay UNITED KINGDOM


  10. rachael buchan UNITED KINGDOM


  11. Heather sangster UNITED KINGDOM

    We support you all the way x

  12. natalie marshall UNITED KINGDOM

    Hope this petition is enough to be able to keep these women working… They are doing amazing jobs! These government cuts are ridiculous!!

  13. Louisa Bayliss UNITED KINGDOM

    They need to stop making cutbacks to our kids education and the support staff that help them

  14. Julija Barkauskaite UNITED KINGDOM

    these women are doing a great job. Was in SEBD myself and they helped me and other kids alot. Their jobs need to be saved.

  15. shari dickie UNITED KINGDOM

    I know that my son connor wouldnt b attenddin mainstream school if it wasint for the dedicated staff in the base vel has gone above and beyond what hes needs to do for connor. They are a vital and valuable part of the teachin group in the base they Must keep there jobs for tbe kids.sake

  16. donna barnstaple-stuart UNITED KINGDOM

    Short term money saving..never works


    These people are real heroes that make all the difference!! Please re think!!!

  18. rachel warrender

    totally ridiculous! why is it that it’s always the people that need a little more help in life that have to suffer the most?

  19. Mandy Noble UNITED KINGDOM

    If they dont stop all these cuts, the results will come back and bite the big wigs and they will see they are wrong

  20. samantha chester UNITED KINGDOM

    my christopher gets help from the base and without it he would not be able to cope val and her team do a brilliant job and i am very grateful for all of their hardwork and deadication they give my son

  21. Stacey strathdee UNITED KINGDOM

    Val helped me and my Sis alot through the years I think thus is a disgrace

  22. Sarah Tearle UNITED KINGDOM

    The work these people do affects whole families & the wider community, please please please reconsider. They helped me with 2 of my children who benefited enormously from having somewhere to turn.

  23. john ferguson UNITED KINGDOM

    its a bloody disgrace they have doon such a lot for the young ones in peterhead and go out of there way to help them ,where do all these kids go now walking the streets i guess ,theve helped so much families in peterhead and buchanhaven area , its a sad day for a lot of families if val and her team are stopped doing wot they do best helping the community

  24. Lorna Stephen UNITED KINGDOM

    This is so typical of the council!!….i hope u get enough signatures on your petition x

  25. Chrissy Vick UNITED KINGDOM

    As a former youth worker in Peterhead, I can honestly say youth workers are so very needed for the kids in this area!!!

  26. marie anderson UNITED KINGDOM

    it has helped so many young kids

  27. jennifer UNITED KINGDOM

    helps me and alot of others

  28. Steven Jernslett UNITED KINGDOM

    the youth workers are loved and needed as they help alot of people.

  29. Steven Jernslett UNITED KINGDOM

    The youth workers are so dearly loved by a lot of young people in this area they have done there heart soul for all the kids who have needed there support for along time also they have helped me a lot in my life i wouldn’t be here today if it was not for them both.

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