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Created February 11, 2011 by Laura

Youth Issues

The local council want to close our local youth centre. the centre holds many different activities and groups within penwortham including Guide and Scouting, St John Ambulance, etc. Please help us to save it.

There are currently 275 signatures for this petition:

  1. Janine Christiani Preston
  2. Desmond Christiani Penwortham
  3. Gareth Barnes Penwortham UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Craig Webber Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    I have lots of fond memory's growing up at the Youth Club and without it I am sure we would have caused a lot of Unsocial behaviour due to boredom. There is very little for young people in Penwortham please don't take their last refuge

  5. c seedall preston UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Jacqui Arnold preston UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Sharon Pitcher Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    Why close something which serves the good kids of Penwortham. I see all the play areas around Kingsfold have been done up over the last couple of years or so!

  8. joanne carnell preston UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Sheila Bilsborough penwortham UNITED KINGDOM

    It would be a real same to see it close,there isnt enough youth clubs as it is.I went to this youth club as a young teenager and i loved it meeting up with friends rather than hanging around the streets.

  10. Gill Hargreaves penwortham UNITED STATES
  11. lynne wallace preston UNITED KINGDOM
  12. caroline boughey preston UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Martin Putsey UNITED KINGDOM

    It would be a great shame if the Youth Centre were to close – its a great resource for our area.

  14. Jackie Roberts UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s so good to have somewhere were the kids can meet up. It keeps them safe and off the streets. Why close a good thing, there’s no sense in it.

  15. Matt Roberts UNITED KINGDOM

    Where else can I go to meet up with my friends at night without hanging round the streets.its a great place, please don’t close it.

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