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Created March 21, 2012 by Gustav


Abercrombie & fitch has made an application to westminster council to open a children’s store at number 3 savile row, in the 200-year-old heartland of english bespoke tailoring. With its flagship store currently situated at burlington gardens, the american retailer – which manufactures casual wear (including hoodies) for youths – is determined to plant its off-shoot brand abercrombie kids around the corner “in plain, spoilt-brat view” of london’s most significant sartorial landmark. Number 3 is currently empty, but once housed the beatles apple offices and was the location of their final concert on the rooftop. Savile row is one of the few streets anywhere in the country to remain exclusively devoted to a single trade and we think the tradition of bespoke tailoring deserves to remain where it began 200 years ago. As well as boasting the manufacture of some of the best bespoke tailoring in the world, the row is an important tourist attraction, whose value will be entirely lost if chain stores selling overpriced t-shirts are allowed to open up there. There is also the issue of abercrombie & fitch’s habit of pumping foul-smelling cheap cologne out of its doors to entice gullible tourists in: this will affect not only the look of savile row but the smell.
tailors on savile row area are formally objecting to westminster council on the grounds of this retail development being hideously out of character with the row. David coleridge of h. Huntsman & sons said, “the arrival of abercrombie & fitch at the end of savile row would dramatically change not just the tone but the safety of the street. ”
we urge you to sign our petition, which we will present to westminster council in the hope that they will come to their senses and revoke abercrombie & fitch’s application.

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  1. Chris Guerin UNITED KINGDOM

    This would be a disaster for a great heritage and industry!

  2. Clare Powell UNITED KINGDOM

    There are so few roads and places like Saville Row left. Do we really want, never mind need, another Abercrombie and Fitch there? I strongly believe we don’t. Please don’t spoil this piece of History. Thank you, Clare

  3. A Reynolds UNITED KINGDOM

    This would be appalling for British heritage and tourism, and only encourage further chain retailers onto the Row.

  4. Kenneth Howe UNITED STATES

    Even from where I am standing (the East side of the Americas) I can see this as a horrid idea.

  5. Harry Gwynne UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a disgrace. There are so many other places in central London that A&F could have a shop. Reflects badly on them as much as anything.

  6. Thomas Barker AUSTRALIA

    A & F is McDonalds for the rag trade masses and must be treated as such. There is no place for cookie cutter mediocrity on Saville Row, the name itself is an icon for the bespoke and should remain so at any cost.

  7. Chris Tonks UNITED KINGDOM

    It shouldn’t even have got this far.

  8. Amelia Pettman UNITED KINGDOM

    Saville Row is Saville Row for a reason, if A&F move in it’s going to end up being like every other place in London

  9. Math C FRANCE

    Saville Row, elegance forever.

  10. Danil Sauthier SWITZERLAND

    I’m come from Switzerland and I think is unacceptable for Savile Row. Abercrombie and Fitch makes these clothes in Asia for few pounds. The workers of Asia make a t-shirt in one minutes…
    T-shirt and jeans isn’t tradition of Savile Row. It’s the second time that England loses these values in the field of fabrics (the first time with the relocation of Burberry’s fabric).

    PS: Excuse me for my bad English, I don’t speak very well.

  11. Leah Disney SPAIN

    Please don’t ruin anything else with your trash, A&F…..

  12. Raffe Burrell

    preserve saville row!

  13. Beau Brummell UNITED KINGDOM

    How dare they impose their vulgar style and ghastly pecs upon Saville Row. Indeed upon England for that matter. Return from whence thou came Abercrombie and Filth.

  14. Rhiannon Schofield UNITED KINGDOM

    Savile Row is a part of history and a strong endorsement of our British Country and heritage. To place an Abercrombie and Fitch childrens store within the Savile Row street is an insult to the hard work, determination and craftmanship that has been produced over the vast period of years. This store cannot be situated amongst the great heights of Savile Row. It will crumble and all that will be left to say is, I told you so.

  15. James Eric Parker UNITED KINGDOM

    I want to keep Saville Row sacred

  16. Patrick Joseph Gray UNITED KINGDOM

    This simply can’t be allowed to go ahead. It’s an insult to everything Savile Row stands for, everything I stand for, everything Britain, dare I say, stands for. Tailors have been on the ‘Row since the 1800s, ”Beau” Brummell patronised the men there. This is the first bit of water (first flood, I ought to say) through the dam; and if this is allowed to go ahead, the ‘Row will be, in fifty years, filled with banal mass-produced American and European (more likely Chinese and Bengali, these days) clothes and another bit of Britain that has somehow, miraculously, survived all of the depradations of the last century or so up until now will be lost forever. Too much is gone now, so please spare Savile Row from the start of a decline that would be absolute.


    Short term (monetary) gain for long term loss (of integrity). Quantity over quality. Stop it. Now. Please.

  18. Samuel J. Barton CANADA

    Please resist the destructive inroads of A&F, lest hordes of obnoxious, boisterous, cologne-steeped, generic douches to descend on this lovely and proud area.

  19. Max Beatrix UNITED STATES

    Seriously, Stop this.

  20. Friedrich Schliephake GERMANY

    This petition is a very very good thing. People has to understand the importance of tradition and handcraft, especially nowadays.

    Best wishes from Germany to our british friends

  21. Arthur Logan Decker III UNITED STATES

    The honor and integrity of Savile Row must be protected from these globalists who do not understand the traditional of gentlemen’s clothing and tailoring.

  22. Elaine Barnett UNITED STATES

    This department store does not fit rest of the neighbourhood!

  23. Dana

    people should know who’s making their clothes not some mass production of something at a ridiculous price, this is why people are losing their jobs. its just not right.

  24. ronan lagathu FRANCE

    There are plenty of space in London for this kind of stores, they should relocate elsewhere so not to spoil SR.

  25. Olivier Commencas FRANCE

    May be a localisation is free in the sewers for A&F but in an other street please!

  26. GorMand FRANCE

    Proud to be In

  27. Raj Powar UNITED KINGDOM

    Save Savile Row!

  28. Marco Finetti UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep them out!

  29. Dale Dare GERMANY

    Saville Row for Chaps not “Chavs”!!!

  30. Justinius Bradley Ott UNITED KINGDOM

    Woeful decision – banish them!

  31. Arlen Donald UNITED STATES

    I am greatly disappointed to see that a chain shop may be allowed in. If it were I cannot imagine it would be long before the street was full of them and our esteemed tailors who have been there for generations will be forced out. (The Gap can afford the rents a lot more easily, after all.)
    Please do not let this wonderful landmark of London be brought down.

  32. Matthew Price UNITED KINGDOM

    Why ruin Savile Row, put it somewhere else please.

  33. Micheal Lay UNITED KINGDOM

    Why ruin Savile Row

  34. Mahwish CANADA

    What a disgrace to heritage and style. Keep them far away!

  35. Oliver Lomer UNITED KINGDOM

    Not appropriate

  36. belleville FRANCE



    Wish all the best to Abercrombie & Fitch. But I believe their wanting to open a shop on Savile Row is an insult to the men and women whose long-held craft they endanger by being there. A position in Westfield designer/retail emporium is far more appropriate.

  38. Eetu Savolainen FINLAND

    Please save Savile Row. Don’t ruin over 200 years of tradition.

  39. Rosa Huhtamäki MALTA

    Mainstream clothes have enough shops around, they don’t need to ruin history.

  40. Deoain Dominique UNITED KINGDOM

    Abercrombie & Fitch have no business ruining the Row. English Heritage should declare the street as a national treasure to be protected from commercialism.

  41. Anonymous British Asian UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep this British institution that is Savile Row for the British only!

  42. Jesper Bergh SWEDEN

    Stop it!

  43. Erick Decks GERMANY

    Simply NO.

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