Save Savile Row From Abercrombie & Fitch

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Created March 21, 2012 by Gustav


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  1. Tariq Khan UNITED KINGDOM

    Saville Row is sacred to London and showcases one of the most important things about Britain, our world renowned tradition of mens tailoring which is regarded by everyone around the works as being the finest in the world. There is nothing like a bespoke suit snd the feel of it. It should be preserved as a monument to clothing.

  2. Matthew Grant FRANCE


  3. Aumir Masud UNITED KINGDOM

    Banish these vile people from our beloved Gentlemen’s mile (aware that it is not actually a mile!)

  4. Thomas Dabbs UNITED KINGDOM

    Save Savile row from the american monstrosity that is Abercrombie and Fitch!

  5. Ryan Tomlinson UNITED KINGDOM

    Frankly disgusting. Bloody Yanks making a mockery of our heritage. And to think it’s for a children’s shop! not even a grown-up’ store (not that one would dare call the establishment grown up without leaving a bitter taste in their mouth)

  6. Niels Haase GERMANY

    Please revoke Abercrombie & Fitch’s application.

  7. Gareth Nutbeen KAZAKHSTAN

    Please don’t let A&F spoil Savile Row and such a splendid tradition.

  8. Claire Corcoran UNITED STATES

    This is revolting! As an American, I’m saddened that our appalling taste is encroaching on this great street, and if I ever go abroad I don’t want to look at things I can look at here, when I want to see the true character of an historic place. There are plenty of other places in London where Abercrombie can open a store – leave Savile Row alone!

  9. John Sawyer UNITED STATES

    There are thousands of Abercrombie & Fitch locations around the world, but there has only ever been one Savile Row. Savile Row is a treasure of British culture and an example that the rest of the world would do well to follow. I pray that this cultural crime will be undone, and that the spirit of Savile Row will endure for generations to come.

  10. Philip Just-Williams UNITED STATES

    Abercrumbie & Fotch, go away!

  11. Stuart Robinson UNITED KINGDOM


  12. Marco Leiser GERMANY

    There really are enough chain stores around the globe already

  13. Dora Chan UNITED STATES

    Abercrombie & Fitch = blatant conformity

  14. Connor Potts UNITED KINGDOM

    Such teenage ‘fashion’ is unbecoming of a chap or damsel of any age and the youth of today must be better educated about proper attire.

  15. Paul Chesterman

    What next…Gap? Another brand trying to gain credibility by buying their way into our heritage.Stop this now.

  16. Joseph Beardsley UNITED KINGDOM

    Bloody Yanks think they own the place!

  17. Matthew Beattie Esq. UNITED KINGDOM

    It will be a travesty if this happens.

  18. Phil James UNITED KINGDOM

    Get back to where you once belonged!

  19. Anushka Tay UNITED KINGDOM

    How atrocious and offensive to such an international symbol of artisanal craft and trade, and independent (and inter-dependent) business practices, as Savile Row that a horrific, mass-produced chain store should be considered to share the street. I am appalled.

  20. Thibault Jabouley

    Mediocre clothes for mediocre people in a place of exceptional tailoring for qualified people. Do not sully the Row!

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