Save Sikhs in Dubai

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Created May 10, 2010 by Deepa

Human Rights

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  1. mandeep saini ludhiana INDIA
  2. Amrit Singh Stourbridge UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Bhaggawent Kaur Sandhu MALAYSIA


  4. Naminder Singh Glasgow UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Ajwinder Bains Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Mandeep Bains Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM

    The authorities in Dubai should recognise that Indians helped build, invest, and trade with the city state. Their treatment of our people will not bode well for future relationship between our peoples, especially the influential Sikh/Indian communities settled across the western world.

  7. mandeep singh northridge, CA UNITED STATES
  8. Amrath Singh Wolverhampton UNITED KINGDOM

    Our 17 Singha are innocent and should be freed straight away without any trial. Justice should always prevail. Proven to the world jealousy in them and no proof to sentence hung death of our 17 singha. We are Akal purakh fauj. They have no rights to do so. This is out of order.

  9. Gulroop Hansra Chicago UNITED STATES
  10. manpreet kaur saggu INDIA
  11. vinni parmar hong kong HONG KONG
  12. Louise Barber Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM

    An outrageous story of injustice and we need to do more to raise the profile and put pressure on those that count. It doesn't even feature on the Amnesty International website. I hope you will take this to Parliament.

  13. Sanjay Patel Sanjay Patel Ontario, UNITED STATES

    Dear, Sir/Madam

    Please look at the evidence and reconsider your decision. This 17 people are innocent. In the name of GOD I ask you to liberate them, they had nothing to do with this event.

  14. Gobind Singh birmingham UNITED KINGDOM

    Please add my signature to the petition.

  16. ryewant kaur romford UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Harjinder Singh Sidhu Heston UNITED KINGDOM

    A conscious effect should be made by David Cameron to independently review and question the decision, this would only happen if pressure is put on him by the Indian community as a whole.\r\n\r\nMessages should be sent to the ruling Sheikh asking to show leniency and please to review the whole case.\r\n

  18. Manveer Singh Chaggar Leicester UNITED KINGDOM

    Please help the 17 Sikhs receive a fair trial. This type of torture and treatment should not be allowed to happpen in this day and age. The world needs to come together in the fight for a better humanity and peace on Earth. At the end of the day, there is no need for this type of behaviour. There are ways of treating people and this is just not it. What happened to 'being innocent until proven guilty'? These uncivilised countries and people act first and ask questions later. This is how it has been since the ages and will continue to be the case until Goverments and Officials come together to create legislation using common sense of how civilistaion should continue forward in generations to come. To some people common sense is what they use in everyday life to live peacefully and others seem to need to be told how to live harmoniously. Please save the 17 as people of the human race first, Sikhs second. God Speed (Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh).

  19. Davinder Singh Phull hounslow UNITED KINGDOM
  20. mariya xxx stockton UNITED KINGDOM
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