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Created August 6, 2014 by Antony Gara


St aldhelms football club has been running for circa 114 years and plays its football at headley park primary school under a lease with bristol city council. Recent decisions made by the chair of governors of headley park primary school are threatening the existence of the football club. The governor of the school is purporting to act in the best interests of the community without asking the opinion of the community. This petition is aimed at demonstrating the support the football club has within the community. The football club is seen as an important asset to the community and is an important part of community history having survived two world wars. These decisions need to be investigated and reveiwed by the governors. Please sign to show your support for the football club.

There are currently 207 signatures for this petition:

  1. Gill Withers UNITED KINGDOM

    I have lived at Headley Park for over 50 years. My cousin, brother, husband and son all played for St,.Aldhelms for many years and now my grandson enjoys playing with his friends there. It would be very sad if a few minority of people were allowed to decide the fate of the club. With most of the boys clubs closing I say the way forward would be for the school (including all governors) to work with St Aldhelms to keep future generations off the streets.

  2. philip vear UNITED KINGDOM

    to keep the local community spirit alive after 114 years and encouraging youth from the area to use the facilities and become involved with sporting activities in an area with limited access to sporting facilities

  3. Mike Mullins CANADA

    played fro st. aldhelms and i made john honeyfield look good, along with twenks withers , phil pope,colin russell, i live in ontario , canada, for the last 22 years and have always checked the scores every week, the passion has never left , to ex players all over the world, that has to say something eh, if phil vear reads this , what about that backward goal, i scored , you were amazed, well so was ,i always thinking of you lot , mike m.

  4. Clive Hawking

    Yes. I am also an ex player and now live in the Philippines. Sad to see this happening such an important part of local football. I played in the era of Alfie Cox. John Bellamy. Dizzy Marks. Pete Hancock “Arry Hedges” John Honeyfield Alan Ball, and Colston? Who can forget him.
    Happy times. Happy memories.

  5. Nick Simmons UNITED KINGDOM

    My Father – STAN SIMMONS, captained the Saints during the 1960s & 70s. I grew up in Headley Park, and my first memories of watching football were at the school playing field, watching my Dad (Left back), with my Grandfather (WALT), stood alongside STAN BENNETT with longtime Manager BOB ANDERSON. There are so many names that spring to mind – HONEYFIELD / PADFIELD / CLEMENTE / BALL / LEO / WITHERS / VEAR & many more. The club were, and still are a vitally important institution for Headley Park, and continue to provide ‘a local’ facility for young footballers. It would be a travesty, bordering on the insane to allow this to happen. (I also attended Headley Park School – so I appeal to the Govenors to see the value of the ‘Saints’).


    No benefit to anyone to end this club, always has a good following on a Saturday


    My dad used to be a match reporter for the Green un newspaper with me as a committed supporter in my teens, during the late 1950/1960s. I am so sad to read that the club is in danger of finishing, that I felt I should contact u. Why is it that a few want to destroy something so good. Its important for the community to continue this football club, for families to follow previous generations. Its history of cup winning events not to be forgotten.

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