Save The British Steel Industry

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Created October 28, 2015 by f e sharpe


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  1. f e sharpe UNITED KINGDOM

    we have to keep the steel industry in the united kingdom

  2. Noel wring UNITED KINGDOM

    The country needs steel production and to save jobs.

  3. Kathleen bailey

    We’ve always produced British steel in Sheffield and supply some of the best in the world. More recently, I’ve seen cheap imports from China that is substandard compared to strong British steel. I believe it is a false economy. The government is supposed to get the benefit bill down yet is throwing people out of work who are willing to work in a good industry and are proud if the job that they do.

  4. P separghan UNITED KINGDOM


  5. William wring UNITED KINGDOM

    The country needs a steel industry and we need the jobs .

  6. Patricia Holland

    Too many British jobs being lost.

  7. AnneHolland

    No steel making left in Great Brtain

  8. david templeman UNITED KINGDOM

    A previous conservative government closed all the coal mines and are set on closing all the steel plants, they are giving no support to the dairy farmers and are letting the countryside be destroyed by fracking. They are hell bent on building a railway line that no one wants and nuclear power station that is a white elephant.

    I wonder if China is controlling the government as Cameron does no seem to be acting in the country’s best interest.

    I cannot understand why we are having a referendum on staying in Europe when it is not what the Chinese want.

  9. Jim Hunter UNITED KINGDOM

    Rita Hunter
    Kenneth Miiddleton
    Chris Hunter
    Anna Hunter
    Betty Middleton

  10. allen symonds UNITED KINGDOM

    We have to look after what British industry is left!

  11. Alec Marsland UNITED KINGDOM

    Britain is rapidly sold to other countries and we need to but the Great back.

  12. Alan Sidney-Wilmot


  13. Alan Sidney-Wilmot

    Stop dumping of foreign steel in UK and green taxes plus high energy costs.

  14. Kenneth coyle UNITED KINGDOM

    It is important to keep manufactoring At home base

  15. Susan coyle UNITED KINGDOM

    I fully suport British industry

  16. Kenneth coyle UNITED KINGDOM

    We have to look after or British trade

  17. william rimmer UNITED KINGDOM

    we need a British steel industry

  18. jim hampson UNITED KINGDOM

    the world needs the best steel and british is the best

  19. Paul Khan

    Swap Thatcher and Tebitt for Cameron and Osbourne. Swap the Miners and Dockers for the Steel Workers. It is the same old tories.

  20. Robert Pickett UNITED KINGDOM

    it’s a Great British Institution, British Steel is World Reknown for it’s Quality. i might be biased but theres no better steel made anywhere in the world other than in Britain. And to lose that Skill base to cheap inferior imports is beyond belief.

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