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Created October 22, 2010 by Lisa


As most of you may know, I own Creekwood Gardens. One of the most unique venue's in Northwest Arkansas. With a wonderful year of success I went in front of the planning commission early to try to renew my conditional use permit. The rejected the renewal. Why you ask..? Well, that's a good question!Especially since there was NOT ONE formal complaint filed with the city, the BBB or the police. Interesting huh…The only reasoning behind the decision is because a neighbor- NO Not the one you see when you park in my parking area, but the one way up the hill opposes the permit. Not because of noise or because of my running a commercial business, but because of his private drive. He continues to say we use his drive for commercial purposes. Everyone who has been to my venue for business reasons knows that I enforce the parking area. So, i'm starting this petition to rally up support to show the city council on Tuesday night how many supporters I have. I am also going to supply them with the name of each and every business that could potentially miss out on revenue in Rogers if Creekwood Gardens cannot remain open. Please sign this petition in support! Thank You to everyone..

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  1. Amber Miller Fayetteville UNITED STATES
  2. Samantha Terry Fayetteville UNITED STATES
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