School Road Safety In Long Ditton

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Created July 10, 2012 by David Williams


The safety of children near roads in long ditton is extremely important. We believe that this can be significantly improved by implementing a 20mph speed limit outside long ditton infants school and stretching to and including st mary’s junior school. Furthermore, this plan should include a pedestrian crossing outside the infants school.

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  1. Vicki Knights UNITED KINGDOM

    Very much support this campaign, cars often go way too fast down Ditton Hill Road when there are lots of children around.

  2. david jones UNITED KINGDOM

    Don’t wait for a child to die before doing the right thing.


    They have been talking about reducing speed limits and putting a crossing in from when my son was at Long Ditton Infants- he is now 18 this year! and now the road is far more dangerous and busy… if Kingston council can put 20mph zones around all schools- why cant Elmbridge?

  4. Brian Draper UNITED KINGDOM

    Speeding is a daily occurrence in Sugden Road and some measure of control is long overdue, particularly around our schools. This straight stretch of highway is an irresistible invitation to some to “open up”… and a thoughtless minority certainly do! Why is SCC so out of touch with the highway issues affecting this area?

  5. Anne Beal

    The cars travel too fast down Ditton Hill and this needs to be addressed before there is a fatality.

  6. Jean Sanders

    The speed limit changes at the top of the hill from 20 to 30, the bend is very dangerous and action needs to be taken.

  7. Julia Watts UNITED KINGDOM

    very much needed, especially directly outside the INfants schooll

  8. Cassia Steinbarth UNITED KINGDOM

    After all these years of hassling the council I hope this finally works. The crossing at the the infant school is dangerous enough for adults let alone children.

  9. Lynn MalpassLynnandkevin UNITED KINGDOM


  10. Lynn Malpass UNITED KINGDOM


  11. Andrea Jakeman UNITED KINGDOM

    Cars travel way too fast in Long Ditton. This needs to be stopped before someone is killed.

  12. Becky downes UNITED KINGDOM

    Before it’s too late. Protect our children.

  13. Karl Knights UNITED KINGDOM

    Fully support this, action is needed immediately.

  14. karl knights UNITED KINGDOM

    This needs to be actioned quickly before an accident

  15. Sue O'Neill UNITED KINGDOM

    I really hope the council take action on this. I would love spped restrictions or level crossing to be put in place. Anything to slow cars down on this road.

  16. Catherine Pochkhanavala-Cleeve UNITED KINGDOM

    The top of Ditton Hill is a 20mph speed zone, as is most of Thames Ditton. It’s time that Long Ditton also imposed this speed limit to protect our children. The number of cars parked on Ditton Hill Road makes it impossible to drive safely at 30mph.

  17. Mark Walden-Mills UNITED KINGDOM

    A lower speed restriction needs to be applied along the bottom of Ditton Hill Road where it passes the infant school. Also a crossing installed to protect children and other pedestrians.

  18. John Cleeve UNITED KINGDOM

    I have been a resident of 44 Ditton Hill Road for nearly fifty years, my children were born here and went to local schools. The speeding vehicle problem stems from the fact that roads through Thames Ditton and Long Ditton are used as part of a “rat run” which avoids the Scilly Isles, and begins at the A309 Hampton Court level crossing and continues through Thames Ditton, Long Ditton and part of Kingston to a road junction with the A3 just before the elevated footbridge across the A3 on the London side of the Tolworth roundabout. Thames Ditton were provided with speed control humps and a 20mph speed restriction to eleviate the problem caused by speeding vehicles, but for an unknown reason, Long Ditton was not included in the plans or works. Our schools are located in the roads used by the non resident speeding drivers, Fleece Road, Ditton Hill Road and Ditton Hill have schools, do we have to wait until a fatality among our children or their parents before Surrey County Council takes positive remedial action!

  19. Claudia Hough UNITED KINGDOM

    I just moved to long ditton a month ago, my son will be attending long ditton infants this September and it is frightening the speed at which people drive down the road in long ditton!! St Mary’s Rd, Ditton Hill, Ditton Road, and specially the road I live in Effingham Road. I used to be a resident in the Kingston Borough and you definitely need to implement the 20mph limit most of Kingston has outside its schools is just the common sense thing to do. The obvious for safety.

  20. Tom Clark UNITED KINGDOM

    I cycle through Long Ditton every week-day from Kingston to work and have had several close shaves with speeding cars – especially on Effingham Road. A 20mph speed limit would encourage more cyclists to use the local roads which in turn would help to calm traffic and also make the roads safer tor pedestrians.

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