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Created September 29, 2010 by Sophia

Human Rights

Please sign this petition, everyone has rights to express themselves and school just stops it. and i dont think this is right. and i might be getting excluded for my hair. and many other people have before because of their hair. i think it is stupid how you can't dye your hair a colour you want to without being shouted at. all i ask is for us to be able to dye our hair nothing more nothing less.

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  1. Jadee Stevenson UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Hollie Weston stoke on trent UNITED KINGDOM

    its just stupid how your not alowed dye you hair whatever colour you want, it doesnt affect your learning and it stops you from expressing yourself tbh, i love this petition its the best haha.

  3. hannah wright stoke on trent UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Danielle Robertson Stoke-On-Trent UNITED KINGDOM

    People should be aloud to dye their hair whatever color they want its not gonna kill any braincells by doing so also they should allow facial piercings too its just retarded what school does tbh

  5. Zoe Robinson Stoke on Trent UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Demi-Jade Virgo Stoke-on-Trent UNITED KINGDOM

    I think that people should be able todye their hair the colours they want, as it is their hair, they can do what they want with it and I find that no one should stop them from doing so apart from parents obviously. I find it idiotic how schools do not let pupils dye their hair because 'it interupts people's eductation' when in fact no it doesn't. Some schools allow their pupils to dye their hair how they like and even keep their piercings in, and they're fine so I don't understand why this person was going to get excluded for their hair, it's pathetic to be honest. I think it should be allowed.

  7. jennie oss manchester UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Kayleigh Brooks Crawley UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Daisy Caig Crawley UNITED KINGDOM
  10. y b bognor regis UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Megan

    School stops dying hair and wearing jewellery. Our school doesn’t even have non uniform days. You can not have your ears pierced more than once in one ear.

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