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Created December 2, 2010 by Hratche


We the undersigned respectfully call on our local MP, the Liberal and Conservative Coalition Government and our local Primary Care Trusts to come good on their promise to put in place the required funding to create the much needed Community Hospital in Seaford, East Sussex.

Despite a promise to do so announced during the General Election campaign, the Primary Care Trust has stated that it can no longer pledge the funding needed to bring the new community hospital to the town because of changes announced by the Liberal and Conservative Coalition Government – which our local MP is a member of.

It is outrageous that the over 40,000 residents of Seaford, Newhaven and the surrounding areas should continue to be burdened with travelling for over two hours on public transport for health services which should have been part of our communities heath services decades ago.

As such, we call on our local MP, the Primary Care Trust and the Liberal Democrat and Conservative Coalition Government to come good on its promises made before the General Election to bring to Seahaven the Community Hospital that in every right they deserve.

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  1. June Wood Seaford UNITED KINGDOM

    Seaford should not longer be treated with contempt. We should by rights have facilities as good as towns with a lesser population ie Lewes. The health of our community is very important to all age groups. We have underused facilities which is surely not cost effective. Homefield Place needs to be used once again for respite facilities and not sold off. Seems there is money in the coffers for the golf club,the return on the £1.6m outlay seems very small indeed. The return on outlay for health is beneficial across all age groups and social spheres. We MUST secure better health facilities.

  2. Lynda Davies Seaford

    Seaford is a large town and should have the facilities to match this. It is totally disgusting that these proposals have been dropped following the election when we were assured before the election they would be going ahead – what will happen to the Library as a result – no one knows – these are back door stealth cuts as a result of conservative ideology not deficit reduction, and you as a liberal MP should be ashamed of yourself, after all the extension to the golf club is going ahead – says it all really

  3. Sheila Matthews Seaford UNITED KINGDOM

    With a town the size of Seaford, this community hospital is crucial to the wellbeing of the surrounding locality.

  4. Helen Renson Seaford UNITED KINGDOM

    I am signing this petition in weather that illustrates the need for Seaford to have its own community Hospital facilities. The snow has cut Seaford off from any hospital services in Eastbourne or Brighton. This situation could go on for months preventing Seaford residents from accessing the healthcare they need and could be a life or death situation.

  5. Paula Sellwood Seaford UNITED STATES
  6. Frank Parker Seaford

    Seaford has a disproportionately high percentage of elderly residentswho deserve easier access to medical facilities.

  7. Jan Woodling Newhaven UNITED STATES
  8. jean waddington SEAFORD UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Linda Wood Seaford UNITED KINGDOM
  10. John Hurwood UNITED KINGDOM

    Is provision of local healthcare part of the localism agenda?

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