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Created January 25, 2014 by admin


Slliming world have syns, weight watchers have points but members need an easier way when shopping to find product values. Weight watchers members have an excellent app for mobile phones where members can scan product bar codes to check the point value. Please support and sign this petition if you would like slimming world to develop an app that would show the syn value of products scanned.

There are currently 98 signatures for this petition:

  1. Chantelle warrington UNITED STATES

    Would be so much easier!!

  2. Kathleen Lewis UNITED KINGDOM

    Let’s keep up with weight watchers . Slimming world is better


    Would be great. I asked SW for this months ago as it would save so much time

  4. Lisa

    To make shopping more slimming world friendly


    would be great and would help me shop faster and not buy items that are high syns and not know until i get home and look for syn value or stand in tescos or wherever iam and look on my fone for ages

  6. Lizjones UNITED KINGDOM

    Can make our life easier when shopping

  7. Claire dipple UNITED KINGDOM

    Would be so help full


    I can’t believe they don’t do one. It would be brilliant as I am new to Slimming World and due to work commitments am out and about and it would be great to find out how many syns products are.

  9. Debbie Curtis UNITED KINGDOM

    really would value this

  10. Marion Daly UNITED KINGDOM

    This would make life so much easier, take the guess work out of eating and stop us hijacking our weightless.

  11. Jacqueline Green UNITED KINGDOM

    It would make life so much easier

  12. Bernie Ely UNITED KINGDOM

    Having shopped with a WW member & watched her scan foods – I’m about to swap to WW. This is a fantastic app & it’s bad business SW haven’t included it within their services


    I’ve Jst joined slimming world & changed over from my fitness pal app which was so easy & quick to use with the barcode.
    A barcode would be so much easier with the app rather than having to type everything in to find out if it’s syns or not.

  14. Robert Fraser UNITED KINGDOM

    Would be really helpful when shopping struggle to work out what is syn free

  15. Anne Doughty UNITED KINGDOM

    It would make life so much easier when shopping


    Would be much easier when out at supermarkets to track syns

  17. Sabrina UNITED KINGDOM

    The only thing that annoys me is i cannot scan my foods to check syn value/HE/speed foods etc when doing a food shop. I end up always buying the same safe things because it is such hassle walking around the shop and hopping on to the app and trying to search an item (which most of the time isnt even on the app) The way technology is going these days, SW really need to invest in a scanner app. Now knowing Weight Watchers has it is making me want to swap over for the conveniece…

  18. Miriam Doyle UNITED KINGDOM

    Ease of shopping

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