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Created January 25, 2014 by admin


Slliming world have syns, weight watchers have points but members need an easier way when shopping to find product values. Weight watchers members have an excellent app for mobile phones where members can scan product bar codes to check the point value. Please support and sign this petition if you would like slimming world to develop an app that would show the syn value of products scanned.

There are currently 158 signatures for this petition:

  1. Alun davies UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s inconvenient standing in supermarket trying to work everything out

  2. Mary Davies UNITED KINGDOM

    Will save a lot of time shopping

  3. Annie rasouli

    Make shopping so much easier

  4. john wishart UNITED KINGDOM

    would be much more convenient than page turning on web pages

  5. Patricia Prentice UNITED KINGDOM

    It would make such a big difference when shopping

  6. Kelly green

    To make it easier to find syn value rather than trawling through lists of different brand and products to find what you need.


    This would make life so much easier….weight watchers have this option on their App. Slimming World really need to up their game on the app front.

  8. samatha hewitt

    would like slimming world bar code app

  9. Debbie Young UNITED KINGDOM

    It would make life a lot easier and help to choose appropriate meals/foods if it was jus a case of scanning a bar code into an app. Nowadays most Slimming not apps have this, shame that Slimming World is behind the times

  10. Kay

    Yes please!

  11. debbie Mash UNITED KINGDOM

    So convenient just scan the barcode without working out the syn or value. Would save time whilst shopping

  12. Vivien Hotson UNITED KINGDOM

    Lots easier to shop when life is busy enough so if there was a app to scan we would buy more variety

  13. Becky Ryall UNITED KINGDOM

    To be able to scan supermarket labels would make life a lot easier.
    This page needs to be shared on all slimming world Facebook pages!!

  14. Timothy Cadman UNITED KINGDOM

    if weightwatchers have it why cant slimming world?

  15. shelley webb UNITED KINGDOM

    I dont want to do Weight watchers but I am leaning towards it just for the scanner. It will make keeping track of syns & Healthy Extras sooooooo much easier!!

  16. Sheila Cope UNITED KINGDOM

    It would be so easy to scan instead of looking it up on the current app. And also to stop guesstimating! Let’s make SW even better!

  17. Kim Bell

    To make shopping easier

  18. Lorraine elder UNITED KINGDOM

    Would make life so much more easier

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