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Created January 25, 2014 by admin


Slliming world have syns, weight watchers have points but members need an easier way when shopping to find product values. Weight watchers members have an excellent app for mobile phones where members can scan product bar codes to check the point value. Please support and sign this petition if you would like slimming world to develop an app that would show the syn value of products scanned.

There are currently 170 signatures for this petition:


    Would make life a lot easier.

  2. Anna bland

    It would be so much easier with a scanner to find out how many sins there in products

  3. Caroline Murley

    More accurate and quicker way of finding good values.

  4. Christina Creese UNITED KINGDOM

    Would make it easier to log and find syns quickly. Plus the technology has been about a few years.. weight watchers ! And my fitness pal to mention 2


    Would save loads of time and frustration! The app is rubbish compared to WW….

  6. Robert mortimer

    How simple would this be come on SlimmingWorld get with it

  7. Cheryl Farrell UNITED KINGDOM

    Would definately make life so much easier.

  8. Dale Wollaston UNITED KINGDOM

    I have 2 daughter’s who are signed up to Slimming World and this would make knowing what we can buy when planning meals so much easier for us as I am trying to alter my diet to support them too

  9. Diane Parkes UNITED KINGDOM

    Just to make life easier

  10. Trisha Champaneria

    This would make life much easier when choosing food and will help to keep me on plan for food optimising. The current text search in the slimming world app is not great and quite frustrating at times, especially when I am in a supermarket and quickly want to know the syn value of an item. I believe this would be a great selling point for newcomers to Slimming World as well as a great addition for existing members. I hope slimming world become the first to do this and listen to its customers that have signed up for Slimming World.

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