Should pay wont pay

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Created November 7, 2011 by Natalie Thompson

National Affairs

‘Should pay, won’t pay’
this petition is aimed at those fathers who do not financially contribute to their children’s upbringing. This is a massive problem (and a growing one) which needs stopping!  These fathers have no regards to actually how much it costs to bring up a child.  Them not paying ultimately affects the child’s quality of life, their school fees, clothing, outings, hobbies, pocket money, treats and the comfort of a safe and warm household.  This is just a small list of what is involved in bringing up a children.  When a couple unfortunately split then the care of that child should be 50/50 between the parents.
I want a % of whatever the fathers earns to be taken off as a mandatory procedure.
The same rule applies to all here!
Everyone in this country should be made to pay for their responsibilities in life!!

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