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Created October 16, 2009 by Mark


This petition calls on President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic to stand firm on the Lisbon Treaty:

Dear President Klaus,
As a staunch defender of democracy, we urge you to stand firm by delaying ratification of the Lisbon Treaty until we have had the referendum we in Britain were promised!

There are currently 4710 signatures for this petition:

  1. jenny tromp zwolle nederland NETHERLANDS
  2. Trevor Bartlett Paignton UNITED STATES

    In support of \\\\\\\'true democracey\\\\\\\' please have the courage to hold out until we are allowed a vote as originally promised

  4. Christy Roxburgh UNITED KINGDOM
  5. andrew share crowthorne UNITED KINGDOM

    stop the unelected bureaucrats from ruining europe

  6. James Crabb Manchester UNITED KINGDOM

    The EU/EEA without democracy and with the Lisbon Treaty will be a farce.

  7. Anthony Bobroff Speen UNITED KINGDOM

    Our Government had no democratic right to sign the treaty witout the approval of the referendum they promised the British People

  8. Andrew Craig Glasgow UNITED KINGDOM

    I\\\\\\\'m probably too late for this now since I omitted dealing with it initially! My comment is \\\\\\\"No ratification of the \\\\\\\'Lisbon Treaty\\\\\\\'and no extra powers granted\\\\\\\"

  9. Alaggible Alaggible Skive


  10. Regenutty Regenutty Tomohon RUSSIAN FEDERATION
  11. alexandre Houssard FRANCE

    we have to stand firm by delaying ratification of the Lisbon Treaty

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