stop corruption and constitutional violations in Malawi

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Created January 31, 2011 by benchiza

Human Rights

Democracy, development and human rights are three integrated concepts and there
exists an intimate, interrelated and interdependent relationship between these three
concepts. Genuine human and humane development is impossible to achieve unless
development is brought under a human rights regime. Similarly genuine democracy
is impossible to achieve unless democracy, as practiced, is also brought under
human rights regime. Significant progress in addressing the structural causes of
human rights violations and significant progress in realization of all human rights of
all, necessitates the attainment of genuine democracy and genuine human and
humane development . In Malawi false and inappropriate paradigms have retarded the realization of human rights, development and democracy
the current regime is corrupt, money meant for poverty eradication is being diverted to personal accounts, the president has become an instant billionaire yet the international community still give him funding, Malawians are of the belief that the UK government as the major economic funder to Malawi is promoting corruption and supporting a dictatorial corrupt regime. we Malawians would like the international community to re-assess its position by putting checks on how the donations and funds are being used in Malawi. there is a higher risk the Millenium development goals will not be achieved by the 2015 deadline if these leaders are still in power.

There are currently 220 signatures for this petition:

  1. Chrissie Kalamula Colorado UNITED STATES
  2. Angela Awuku London UNITED KINGDOM

    This is for a very good cause.

  3. Khin Myint Oo Yangon, Myanmar MYANMAR

    Yes. We Can.

  4. Saul Chelewani Balaka KUWAIT
  5. Steve Lowton Leeds UNITED KINGDOM


  6. Peter Mhango Dar Es Salaam

    mine is saddness and regret at the recent develoments back home i have been following them closely and even nanzikambe was a victim i think we can pu that to a stop some how without shedding blood, Bingu has gone nuts to an extent that he no longer cares for his own folk.. there is no fuel home am told and prices of goods are sky rocketing everyday but he is busy campaigning for his younger brother, and worse still those lecturers did nothing worthy that strong intimidation and closure of those prestigious colleges… I SAY STOP!!!!!!

  7. chris Jones Los Angeles, USA UNITED STATES

    Freedom for Malalwi!! freedom from leaders stealing from the people.

  8. hopson chikaonda leeds UNITED KINGDOM

    together lets build a free and fair malawi for everyone

  9. Vitu Dube Blantyre
  10. fran Piro london UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Rachael Whitlock UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Carl Zeto Abuja

    We support this peaceful petition. It represents a desire for positive change in the governance of the people of Malawi ..

  13. EMily Woodworth-Dark Trunch UNITED KINGDOM

    It has to stop. Turning a blind eye can't work forever. It must not.

  15. Sarah Brown London
  16. Geoffrey Chamdimba
  17. Edward Mitole Pretoria

    Our democracy and good governance is slipping away very fast. Peoples of the world need to unite and get rid of this dictatorship.

  18. Dan Msowoya Mzuzu

    Evil can never triumph over good. It may in the short run, but certainly not for ever.

  19. Joel Suzi
  20. Ian Kitson Preston UNITED KINGDOM
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