Stop Discover Card Harassment And Embarrassment

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Created March 16, 2013 by coodcsvc

Stop discover card harassment and embarrassment
author: kirk – van nuys (united states of america)
submitted: wednesday, march 13, 2013

http://www. Dc-svc. Com/discover. Html

stop discover card harassment and embarrassment

has discover card called you over and over using these calls as harassment to get you to pay what you owe? Did you know if you ask them not to call you that they must stop? I’m not trying to say not to pay what you owe, but i am saying that if you do set up a deal to pay that balance that discover card should not be able to continue to call and email you over and over again to push you to pay now. Here is my story: i have been with discover card for a while now and paying on time, when yes i missed my payment. They called me and i made a deal to pay the amount owed by sending the money in the mail. But from that time till the agreed date i received calls, messages and emails saying that i needed to pay now. I talked to a discover card rep over and over to advise i made a deal that the money was being mailed. I was told over and over no matter that i should pay it now. Because of how discover has handle this has hurt my reputation as i’m a self proclaimed ex-candidate for the 2013 mayors race of los angeles california. The last night they called i was having people over trying to get backing to run when again they called. I explained to the discover card rep that i had a deal in place and that i mailed the money the day before but this person being very rude told myself to pay now. I asked them not to call again. I then had to explain to whole issue to the people who i had over. Well as you can see i’m not the next mayor and i did not get that backing. But it just got me so much that i had an agreement with discover card but they felt harassment and embarrassment was ok tool to use to get the money they were owed even that a deal was made by another discover card rep. Over and over i talked to supervisors that said nothing but you need to pay. I wrote to the discover card executive offices brice brown he responded and said sorry for the frustration i may have experienced. Not sorry for the harassment and embarrassment they caused but the frustration i may have experienced. This got me that they can’t even own up to how they handle customers. They advertise that they will treat people the way people should be treated and will even forgive one late payment. But to find out that this is for new customers only. So with all this said i feel we should all stand up new customers or old customer not to get harassment and embarrassment from a company that advertises we are better for you. So please follow these steps to join me in a class action lawsuit to stop them from doing this to us and others to come. 1. First thing boycott discover card and tell all you know to do the same. 2. Write a letter to

brice w. Brown iii
executive office of customer advocacy
tel: 302-328-3300
fax: 302-323-7612
bricebrown@discover. Com

tell him your story to see if he will help you

3. If brice w. Brown iii will not help you file a case with the bbb http://www. Bbb. Org/

4. If you still do not get the help you need please email me

kirk herzog coo@dc-svc. Com

i will forward your contact information to three lawyers that have advised myself that if we can get people with justified cases we could file a class action lawsuit on discover card that could be millions in settlements. So again i say pay what you owe and if this has happened to you follow the steps above to address your issues. Good luck.

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