Stop Horses Being Slaughtered

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Created March 29, 2011 by Sophie

Animal Welfare

Please sign this potition to stop horses from going to the slaughter house.Just because they are old,unwanted or retired.We need to stop it NOW!!Stop them now!!x

There are currently 91 signatures for this petition:

  1. Janine Brown sittingbourne UNITED KINGDOM

    This must be stopped asap!

  2. jeff ashdown folkestone UNITED KINGDOM

    stopthis horrific thing happening


    Horses – working hard throughout their lives – and this is how people want to treat them after all this?! The killing of an animal is disturbing and inhumane.

  4. Jools Bright UNITED KINGDOM

    ive seen footage of horses that have been shot where the gun has jumped and missed and shot half the horses face off and it is just stood there still alive accepting what comes its way.
    Horses work for humans and should therefore be treated as domestic pets such as cats and dogs and recieve the same level of protection.
    If a horse needs to be put to sleep then it should be done compassionately with lethal injection – not shot in the head in some old knackers yard and sent off to gordon ramseys restaraunt so the curious can try horse meat. It saddens and sickens me.


    Must stop thiss

  6. Izzy Johal UNITED KINGDOM

    omg.this is so cruel.

  7. abbiee cox UNITED KINGDOM

    agree strongly!


    These horses can be found homes.This must stop

  9. Rachael lawrence

    It’s barbaric

  10. Amie Bond UNITED KINGDOM

    this needs to be stopped FULL stop! so sad

  11. helen guerin
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