Stop John Venables getting a new identity and put him back in Jail for Life

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Created July 27, 2010 by Emma

Human Rights

John Venables should be serving life for killing little James Bulger, but he was a child so got off lightly. However he has now broken probation rules and been arrested for child porn, receiving all of two years, he should go back for life for re-offending, lets try to get him life and stop him getting new identity

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  1. shirley hayes huyton UNITED KINGDOM

    R.I.P. JAMES xx


    keep the little creep in there. he does not deserve to the right to walk about. lock him up and throw away the key, or at least bring back the death penalty.

  3. ellen sealey UNITED KINGDOM

    There is no justice while this goes on.

  5. Steph Bennett Dukinfield UNITED KINGDOM

    Never should have been released in the first place. Jamie Bulger had a right to live, venables and the other monster stole his life and the same should have happened to them. Once you commit such a crime you should lose all your human rights. If a dog had killed little jamie it would have been put down… I don't see why this disgusting excuse for a human is still breathing.. Let alone costing us money!

  6. Karen Turner London UNITED KINGDOM

    It's a complete disgrace that so much time, effort and money has been lavished upon this moron. Lock him up and throw away the key. Or preferably reintroduce the death penalty.

  7. Kelly Chadwick UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Emma Walker Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    They should never have been released they should serve life!

  9. chris newman southampton UNITED KINGDOM

    It's quite clear that Venables should be serving life after not only killing an innocent infant but has now recently become involved in child porn. Venables is obviously sick and also apparently benefits also from an equally sick society and "justice" system in the UK. "Both" of poor Jamie's killers should have themselves died on the rope on their eighteenth birthday. That would have been TRULY JUST. Unfortunately as yet we have no proposed(and may never have)a return to the system of ultimate deterrent … that was misguidedly withdrawn in the mid sixties. Normally what happens in America ofen ends up happening over here.Yet no death penalty. I dont support the electric chair (yes that is an awful contraption) but british hanging during our recent modern history was quick, humane & professional … carried out by trained experts. We should still have that option available in our legal system. Most of this once … but no longer any more … great country would agree with me. Unfortunately there lays the problem. Parliamnent wont ever realistically deal with this. In fact too many spineless politicians are as rotten as the country itself has become.

  10. Patricia Glasgow Coventry UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Michelle Downes kirkby UNITED KINGDOM

    I think its discusting a two year sentance its a joke i hope someone dos get hold of him in prison and puts him through hell just like he has done to other people an kids an he probly will again when he gets out

  12. Kevin Dwyer Huyton UNITED KINGDOM

    He should be hung, he is a killer let loose, what sort of justice is that?

  13. Fiona McKinnon Motherwell UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Terri Watt Lerwick UNITED KINGDOM
  15. jennie oss manchester UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Robert Morrell Invergordon UNITED KINGDOM

    Venables should never have been released. If you commit murder you should be locked up and the key thrown away.

  17. Carrie-Ann Parsons Gosport UNITED KINGDOM

    its sickening that he is going to get a second chance of life with our tax money aswell!!! he should rot in jail for what he did, he showed his evil side at a young age but you are who you are!

  18. Pauline Berry Ellesmere Port UNITED KINGDOM

    He will always be a danger to others.

  19. Norma Bellingham Saint Auvent FRANCE

    One identity was bad enough two is a national disgrace.He should be locked up for the rest of his natural life


    He is sick and twisted and we should have the death penalty life for a life his parents should not of been given new identities after all they raised him so deal with what your son has done.

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