Stop overcrowding on the Harrogate to Leeds Train

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Created January 15, 2011 by Nick


To reduce the over-crowding on the trains from Harrogate to Leeds and Leeds to Harrogate.

People are crammed onto the trains standing up in the lies and entrances. This is a major H&S issue as people could be injured by the doors or they could fall over in the case of the train making an emergency stop. People have been known to faint on the trains due to the lack of air.

With the recent train fair rise people should be entitled to a seat and not made to stand for 45 minutes.

Northern Rail should reduce the cost of the fair, put more carriages on or provide compensation to the people who have to stand.

There are currently 31 signatures for this petition:

  1. Stuart Long Leeds UNITED KINGDOM

    Totally agree with the comments made by the petitioner & we at the Fairer Fares campaign have been fighting on this topic nationally. Happy to help if needed on this service area!

  2. Danny Wright Leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Laura Topping Leeds UNITED KINGDOM

    I was turned away from a train due to overcrowding. This is not a good way to run a service when people have to get to work for a set time.

  4. Ian Pattison Leeds UNITED KINGDOM

    The privatisation of the railways has been an unmitigated disaster. With the cuts and soaring inflation service users are being forced to pay more and more for a lower quality service. The railways should be re-nationalised to provide a cheap good quality service.

  5. Sean Murricane Horsforth UNITED KINGDOM

    get this train… I don't mind standing on the train at peak times. I do mind not being able to breathe because people are crammed in so tight, leaving people on the platform.

    When they run late, passengers get the blame for not getting on fast enough!

  6. Jason Lowe Leeds & Harrogate UNITED KINGDOM

    What would help more than more carriages is more frequent services- up it to every 15 minutes.

  7. Stephen Belfield Leeds UNITED KINGDOM

    I get that train every weekday. It is overcrowded there and overcrowded on the journey back. Sometimes you cannot get on the train. It's crazy. The route needs electrifying. We need new modern trains. I am sick of excuses, Leeds needs investment.

  8. Richard McWhinnie Leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Charlotte Rainey Horsforth Leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Simon Dawson Leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Richard Sykes Leeds UNITED KINGDOM

    I use this service regularly, fortunately infrequently in the morning as the overcrowding is ridiculous.

  12. richard edwards
  13. Lauren Boyd UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Jessica Lee Leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Amanda Jackson Leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Marc Wood Horsforth UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Kevin Benson Leeds UNITED KINGDOM

    I get this train regularly and I am always let down by the poor standard of service. Trains constantly and mysteriously break down just as they are due to pull out of Leeds station, people are crammed in like sardines in the mornings and the trains are seriously overcrowed. Usually at 8:30 on a morning there are around 70-100 people waiting at Burley Park to go into Leeds, many of whom cannot even get on the train as the operators have only provided two carriages. This is a huge problem which musat be addressed immediately. Fares go up each year but sadly the level of service seems to diminish each year also.

  18. Kathryn Holloway Leeds UNITED KINGDOM

    I commute on this route daily and although things have improved on the line with extra carriages over the last 5 years, much more needs to be done to bring the service to modern day standards. I'm lucky I can choose a later train and most days get a seat. Peak hours though are a different story.

  19. Emma Naylor Horsforth UNITED STATES

    Every day people are left on the platform in Headingley and Burley at peak times due to the trains already being at capacity. Carriage requirements are completely under estimated.

  20. Robert Wilkinson Horsforth UNITED KINGDOM
  21. Stephen Howard Ripon HG4 4DX UNITED KINGDOM

    I totally agree with all the comments of the petitioner

  22. Katie Taylor Leeds UNITED KINGDOM

    The trains on this line are overcrowded at peak times and are mostly so old that riding them feels unsafe.

  23. tom hallam leeds UNITED KINGDOM

    agree, this line very busy during rush hour and ticket prices have shot up in recent months

  24. Richard Tucker Horsforth UNITED KINGDOM
  25. Matthew Pettitt Leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  26. Jennifer Cooke Leeds UNITED KINGDOM

    I fully support the aims of this petition. However, please amend the text to remove the spelling mistakes: 'aisles' not 'lies' and train 'fare' not 'fair' (although of course I want the fares to be fair too!!)

  27. Adam Harper Knaresborough UNITED KINGDOM

    I don't like travelling on the train at peak times because i litterally couldn't get off at Burley Park once because the train was so packed. £8.70 is also a lot of money for a return ticket the journey that is only 45 minutes each way. Its time the government invest in new carrages for seriously overcrowded lines such as the Harrogate Leeds line.

  28. Lawrence Chinery Burley, Leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  29. Bill Walton Leeds (Headingley)

    safety is the priority

  30. Christine Marshall Leeds UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree with the overcrowding as I used to travel to Leeds on this line many years ago. However, I am also concerned about the actual state of the stock on this line. I travelled to Harrogate last Saturday with my 8 year old daughter. The trains were really dirty and clearly hadn't been cleaned. Papers and beer cans were all over the place. Seats were broken, which meant on our return journey we had to sit with night time revellers going to Leeds – nothing wrong with this but I was with an 8 year old.

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