Stop People Buying/Selling animals on Gumtree

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Created August 1, 2011 by animal lover

Animal Welfare

This petition is to stop the buying and selling of animals on Gumtree.

Rescue centres are all ready over populated and people are only breeding their animals to make money quickly.

Animals should only be bred when full health testing and a waiting list is complete

There are currently 97 signatures for this petition:

  1. Elle Woods


  2. Julie-Ann Carr AUSTRALIA

    It is a well known fact with Animal Welfare groups and the RSPCA that a large percentage of “Free to a good home” animals end as bait for dog fighting or backyard breeders and puppy mills.There is no vet check on these dogs/ animals they could be breeding diseases to other dogs and adding to the continue abuse of animals. I Implore you to remove the Pet section WORLD WIDE FROM GUMTREE and other internet sights.

  3. Jacqueline Monceaux

    I don’t think it’s safe or healthy for people to sell or buy animals online with no required background checks. That’s giving people with unstable backgrounds an easy way to get their hands on poor, innocent animal and possibly hurt the animal.

  4. Helen Willetts

    Why do people treat animals as disposable items that can be passed along when the idiot looking after them gets bored?!

  5. Gareth Edwards

    For the sake of an extra bit of cash the needless irresponsible breeding of animals that will often end up neglected unwanted and possibly abused and abandoned needs to be abolished. Animal breeding should require a license and be better regulated.

  6. chris lewis UNITED KINGDOM

    this must be stopped now


    Because… this has to stop.. Gumtree is no place to sell or give away animals.. a law should be passed so that animals can only be bought or sold through licenced organisations or charities and all new owners should be vetted..

  8. debbie UNITED KINGDOM
  9. sharon chapman UNITED KINGDOM

    Stop gumtree doing this today!

  10. Lynda McGill UNITED KINGDOM

    STOP!!!! the selling of all live animals on all online sites! Gumtree, Preloved etc.
    these animals are at risk and the people who breed them are just out to make money and do not care about them!
    Do it now!!

  11. Janet Tate UNITED KINGDOM

    Stop puppy farms!


    Omg why would they??!!

  13. Karen Richardson UNITED KINGDOM

    pls stop advertising pets as free to good home they will end up as “DOG BAIT”

  14. sennery FRANCE

    stop selling animals on gumtree or others places !

  15. Debbie Peacock

    Dogs ‘bought’ this way have a really high chance if being used in dog fighting/as bait, it must not be allowed…disgraceful….

  16. Jodie Aldridge UNITED KINGDOM

    Animals should never ever be sold on any kind of website. They end up in the wrong hands and they should be rehomed with the proper checks. They deserve that. It’s outrageous in this day and age that you can buy a dog for free. They end up in crush videos as bait dogs and live food.


    Just sickening

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