Stop the Closure of the ENT and Hearing Clinic for Children with Down’s Syndrome in Manchester

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Created August 6, 2012 by Penny Green


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There are currently 354 signatures for this petition:

  1. Chris King UNITED KINGDOM

    Would be a massive shame if this closed

  2. Alish Underhill

    Please re-think!!

  3. Amrick Ainley UNITED KINGDOM

    A very important service for children and parents most in need of essential NHS assistance.

  4. Henry Dunn UNITED KINGDOM

    This is such a good cause and the job done at this clinic is something that can’t be overlooked. Closing it would be a travesty.

  5. Seth Gadman UNITED KINGDOM

    Closure of a Unit such as this is just unconscionable. It cannot go ahead.

  6. Stephanie Au UNITED KINGDOM

    This clinic may not benefit the majority but I’m sure the benefit to its users is immeasurable, sometimes it’s not just about the cost of things.

  7. amanda marsden UNITED KINGDOM

    We see Mr Sheehan for the care of our 2 year old. His individual attention and care is second to none. I am so shocked and saddened that this clinic is going. What a huge loss to so many families

  8. Marie-Louise Feeley UNITED KINGDOM

    Surely it is not good sense to move such a vital resource away from the Children’s Hopsital albeit to another part of Manchester. The expertise Mr. Sheehan provides is vital to these families and how wonderful to have such a leader in the field. His work at the Children’s Hospital should be maintained and supported.

  9. Fiona Jenkinson UNITED KINGDOM

    This service is invaluable to those who use it.

  10. Edward Walker UNITED KINGDOM

    The loss of this service is likely to cost the NHS much more money in the long term and will be devastating to those patient who use it and those responsible for them.

  11. sarah dunn UNITED KINGDOM

    This clinic is so important and valuable to those who use it and in the long term will save a lot of money

  12. Debbie Horner UNITED KINGDOM

    Please reconsider this decision

  13. rachel wray UNITED KINGDOM

    Such an important aspect of holistic care is vital to both children and parents. To close it would, I’m sure cause not only distress to the service users but also further financial pressures on an already stretched NHS.

  14. Paula Loftus UNITED KINGDOM

    a very sad day to see yet another service cut without thought for the children needing it

  15. Natalie Hoather UNITED KINGDOM

    Things like this place are important. Money saving isnt

  16. David Hitchcock UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep it open!

  17. Thomas Bachofner UNITED KINGDOM


  18. Joanne M McGeachin UNITED KINGDOM

    This cut will cause more worry for parents and carers and more anxiety for children who have to go elsewhere for a service.
    I doubt such a specific service exists elsewhere.

  19. Helen Salvage INDIA

    surely a major reason for the NHS is to help those most vulnerable in society, who is more vulnerable than those children this will affect? i really hope this decision will be reconsidered.

  20. Ric Johnson UNITED KINGDOM

    I ask the hospital to reconsider it’s decision. Mr Sheehan is a very well respected doctor with a worldwide reputation in the Down Syndrome community. it reflects very badly on our manachester children’s hospital to be ending his clinic.

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