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Created May 4, 2009 by Jason


We have all seen in the local papers articles regarding developments of so called Affordable Housing, why build when their are literally thousands and thousands of empty properties throughout the UK, we call on everyone to sign our petition for Your Heritage to receive funding to bring unused properties to life to create affordable housing. Your Heritage make use of empty, neglected and run down properties to create affordable housing, I the undersigned wish that the UK Government and Local Councils grant funds to Your Heritage to create Affordable Housing from Existing unused properties.

There are currently 5 signatures for this petition:

  1. Heather Lealan UNITED KINGDOM

    Please use Brownfield sites before taking our precious fields and open space for developement. what is the use of open space protection policies if they can so easily be ignored. Yes we need affordable housing but we also need open space if it is allowed to be swallowed up by urban sprawl then we will be guilty of creating eco imbalance to the detriment of us all!

  2. michael harvey littleport UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Barry Brown Beckenham UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Ian Dean London UNITED KINGDOM
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