Stop The Introduction Of Car Parking Charges In Hamworthy Park

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Created January 29, 2016 by helencraig


For over half a century hamworthy park has been enjoyed by generations both from throughout the borough and beyond – free to enter, free to park and free to play. The proposal to charge for car parking, even starting with a minimal payment, will penalise those who come daily: to deliver / collect children, to use the play equipment/paddling pool, for wind/kite surfing, for dog-walking, for exercise, for fishing and also those who come for foot-ball, for tennis, for kite-flying, to set up a game of cricket or rounders or who are brought just to enjoy the vista and/or to have a cup of coffee in the café. Those who like to enjoy the park for a day:
beach-hut owners, cubs, picnickers, swimmers, canoeists, wind/kite surfers, childminders, hcoec customers will find the proposed four hour maximum stay unrealistic and cumulatively costly. In addition, the impact of this proposal will be parking (by those who wish to avoid a parking charge) from march to october in the few local roads. This is a situation that already causes congestion and sometimes gridlock during the school holidays when the car-park on the park is full. I object to the proposal by the borough of poole both to charge for car parking and the proposed four hour maximum stay on hamworthy borough park – public open space

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  1. Alistair King UNITED KINGDOM

    It is so nice (and rare) to be able to just park up and walk the dog without having to think about having change for parking. This will reduce the use of Hamworthy Park for everyone who just likes to go for a nice 30 minute walk or coffee. Please stop this from happening.

  2. Lucie Popham

    Amazing place to take my daughter. The fact that it’s free means I am more like to take her there. Not paying for parking means that I am more likely to buy her an ice cream or something for the cafe. Having to pay to park means that this will likely have to stop.

  3. Janet Sullivan UNITED KINGDOM

    Should not pay to enjoy the beaches and parks

  4. Amanda way

    Having a park where you don’t hav