Stop The Stillbirth Scandal

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Created March 22, 2012 by Stop the still birth scandal


The death of a baby, whether it’s during the latter stages of pregnancy, during birth or soon after is one of the most painful and soul destroying events that could ever happen.  and here in britain we have one of the highest rates of stillbirths in the developed world.

  • This petition is to tell our government we demand immediate action!
  • This petition is to demand direct research funding to try and reduce the number of stillbirths and neonatal deaths happening each year in the UK.
  • This petition is to tell our government to stop the changes to the NHS which will lead to the numbers of front line staff being reduced and could mean an increase in the number of stillbirth and neonatal deaths.
  • This petition is to demand the government immediately abolish the risk assessment policy so all pregnant women are closely monitored throughout their entire pregnancy.
  • This petition is demand the government address why the uk has more stillborn and neonatal deaths than most eu countries including France, Germany, Ireland Spain, and in the league table of the high-income countries we sit way down the list at 33rd out of 35

did you know?

  • every day in the UK 17 babies will die just prior, during or shortly after childbirth.
  • an adult in intensive care will have 1-to-1 nursing whilst a new born baby in intensive care can have as little as just one nurse for every three babies.
  • healthy mothers receive less care under the flawed risk assessment strategy.
  • there is more than one cause for still birth or neonatal death, and not enough research being done to find the answers.
  • 1 in every 200 babies born is still born, and not all of those would be preventable, but a large number are.
  • as many babies will be stillborn in the uk than will die in war conflicts around the world this year
  • stillbirths in the UK are higher than almost every other high-income country in the world.
  • during 2008/9 one piece of research showed that of 94 cases of registered still deaths which were studied, 35 of those could have been preventable.
  • in the UK only selected groups are offered a scan between 28 and 40 weeks, known as the third trimester, in Germany they are given in the third, sixth and eighth months.

Please sign the petition, pass on the request, use face book, twitter, bb messenger, or any other social networking site, spread the word, and help make a change. It’s easy to make a difference, if you get just 10 people to sign, and they each get 10 people to sign the numbers soon start to add up.

Together we can end the heartache

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