Stop UK Forestry Destruction

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Created October 25, 2010 by Ian


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  1. Edward Menzies-Kitchin Sudbury UNITED KINGDOM

    Surely we should be planting more woodland to offset carbon emissions, not selling off what little we have left to Barrat homes.

  2. katrina wigham workington UNITED KINGDOM

    after reading more behind the reasons for this sell off I am disguted at the under hand tactics and the lengths that those with wealth will go to to potect their asets. This is wrapped up with inheritance tax. Many of these forests like Grizdale were left to the people philanthrapists like beatrice potter bought up much of the land to avoid the very situation you are now tying to create..she wanted to protect and keep the atmosphere of these beauty spots to preserve the areas for the people..I for one am fed up with my area being sold off to those with wealth making it impossible for local people to even buy affordable housing for all the second home owners ect it is spoiling the area..This is another scam and is daylight robbery…

  3. Michael Taylor Hoddesdon UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Richard Davis Sheffield

    WHY is this asset being sold off at a LOSS according to the goverment's own documents (£24m)at a time of supposed austerity?
    A detrimental move that can only harm current public access facilities and positive environmental management being undertaken by the FC.

  5. Linda Duffy East/Kilbride UNITED KINGDOM
  6. stephanie furnell UNITED KINGDOM
  7. jamie porter UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Ian Moss Brighton UNITED KINGDOM

    Another example of depressing bottom line thinking from a government bereft of vision

  9. Simon Greaves Clapham UNITED KINGDOM

    The nation's ancient forests are a national treasure used by all kinds of interest groups and wildlife. They should be held in trust for all, not sold to private individuals or companies

  10. Ashley Stevens Lewisham UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Alex Naughton Liverpool

    Another outragous move by the Coalition Government. Yet again the Government is rushing things and not thinking them through. Forests are our common heritage and must be protected in public ownership with access for all for present and future generations. This is Big Society gone made. If the community are meant to buy all these forests where is the money and organisation for all this going to come from with the spending cuts? If the community don't buy them then it will be left to private landowners to do what they want and we will lose public access and freedom to our forests. If this goes ahead, the only way I see being good for the future would be to enable the National Trust to be resourced up to step in and save all our forests. Yet another flawed policy approach. While Big Society does have some merit on a small scale it doesn't work on the scale planned by the Government in regard to land, forests, public services etc. They urgently need to reconsider. This is privatisation of our forests, land, and public services by another name.

  12. JAnet Tomlin Sheffield UNITED KINGDOM

    This seems simply to be a way of allowing the rich to buy land and keep everyone else in their place.

  13. Lois Pusey Sunbury-on-Thames UNITED KINGDOM

    OUR Forests are NOT for sale.

  14. Paul Warwick Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM

    Please do also complete the Government's consultation. The questions are weasel words, clearly indicating that they have made up their minds, but there is plenty of space for comment. Be polite but firm! Oh, and never ever vote Tory or Lib Dem again.

  15. Tricia Stevens UNITED KINGDOM

    what rights do the government have to sell off the assets owned by us all without any remit to do so. A referendum should be necessary before taking decisons like this

  16. C Melbourne UNITED KINGDOM
  17. H Melbourne UNITED KINGDOM
  18. James Bradburn UNITED KINGDOM
  19. susan castles em

    Our forests are a vital part of the quality of our lives. An ancient possession. They must absolutely not be sold into private hands.

  20. Anna Cooke Bournemouth UNITED KINGDOM
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