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Created May 8, 2011 by Roy


I would like to Petition the Prime Minister to give the House of Lords the control of Licences that allows Lawyers to Practice.
The Lords should be the place that controls the Licence to practice for Lawyers. A Committee should have the power to withdraw the Licence if the Legal Profession fails a Citizen because of their personal interest.
I think it is time that the Legal Profession is made more accountable. I know the Lawyers are relied on to be professional and honest, but this is not always the case, so I feel that the public should be protected by the Lords of the Country, and to hold the Legal wrong-doers to account.
The present system of complaint `s against Lawyers, sometimes does not give Justice to the Citizen it is

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  1. Amy Gallagher Aspley UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Roy Wilson UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Brian Wilson NOTTINGHAM

    There is still the ongoing injustice of the thousands of had working people that have had their company pensions stolen by the last Government.These people have been told that they would now receive 90% of their expected pensions, which is untrue.

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