The Abolition of the One-Way System

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Created November 9, 2010 by Mark


The recent introduction of a one-way system, along the first floor corridor of the north wing (The J.L. 'Dai' Daives Wing) of The Blue Coat School, is a highly inefficient solution to a problem which should not arise in the first place.\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nIf punctuality increased amongst the teachers in that corridor, there would be increased space, as there would be little queuing outside laboratories waiting for lessons to start. As well as this, implementing a two lane 'keep-to-the-left' system would also reduce crushing, as instead of having to force through as before, there would be a constant flow of fewer students in either direction.\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nThe enforcement of both of these approaches would allow students to get to lessons quicker, for both students traveling from the Daives wing and to the wing, as traveling from, there would be less distance along the route and traveling to, lessons would begin more quickly. This cut in time would allow for more efficient structuring of lessons as there would be a more consistent average lesson time.

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