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Created October 28, 2009 by maureen


We oppose the huge increase in business rates for 2010/11. The economic and financial situation has changed dramatically since the business rental valuation was assessed in April 2008 for implementation in 2010/11. This 50% plus rise in business rates will cause hardship for businesses and we urge the government to review the situation in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI) to allow growth during the economic downturn.

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  1. asdasd asdasd UNITED KINGDOM
  2. jaswir singh ilford UNITED KINGDOM

    this a is most peculiar tax , hitherto paid in ignorance because it was small enough and a sort of reasonable contribution to the government services. For VAT, Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, and inheritence tax- one pays from SOMETHING RECEIVED. This absurdly aggressive tax is to be paid up front, for time that might never be enjoyed, for a potential that might never be achieved, based on a liability, which you might already be struggling to pay- your rent! How more unfair could it be????

  3. sarah owens washington UNITED KINGDOM
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