To stop the de stocking of Carp in UK canals

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Created January 30, 2011 by Richard

Animal Welfare

British Waterways are allowing clubs to remove carp for no valid reason, that have been present in our canals for many, many years. This is with total disregard for the anglers that do and have enjoyed fishing for them. Canals are the birth place for many UK anglers and removing these fish will have an negative effect on the future of Angling as well as the eco-system. There are not many stretches of Canal that still hold nice carp in the UK and these waters need protecting as the days of a young lad catching a fish of a lifetime from one of these waters will be numbered.\r\nPlans to re-introduce fish should be made in waters where they have been removed. Anglers pay for their rods license/s and there should be more effort to introduce fish into some of the most accessible waters.

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