UK Government steals 1st week pension

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Created August 16, 2010 by Peter

Human Rights

If your entitlement day is not a Monday the Government steals your first weeks entitlement. Those that often can least afford it are mugged by those who have been shown guilty of helping themselves via expenses. Please vote to force them to refund the theft for at least the last 10 years and more importantly for the future.

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  1. Peter Rowe Billingham UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Jason Pullen Varna, Bulgaria BULGARIA

    Are they legally able to corrupt my entitled pension because of this. Here is the letter I recently sent them, no avail..

    This was
    sent to the DWP(Uk government department for Disability Work and Pension).. What are my rights here?
    I suffered severe head-injury because of the government causing my injuries and am hence mentally
    disabled. If a study is made of the life of Jason Pullen, since he suffered injuries caused by the
    UK government – by an employee
    of theirs, during his work for them, it will be seen that he
    suffered severe head-injuries, causing him to be certified as unfit-for-work for life..and hence
    causing him many difficulties which include brain-difficulties and hearing difficulties and
    eyesight difficulties – these injuries prevent him from ever driving again, and when tired or
    stressed balance difficulties.
    Due to these facts,and due to his mother having made previous arrangements to retire abroad, he
    was forced to be taken with her – because of the severe head-injuries suffered because of the
    government –
    and attempt to suffer his new disabled life because of them outside the UK.
    'but he is abroad,' the government mutter,
    '…yes,' the disabled man says, 'I am abroad, ..but you have force me abroad because of the
    injuries you caused me and hence the difficulties you caused me, and therefore, can you
    press your ridiculously irrelevant reasoning that as I am abroad you can cut my entitled pension, I have been forced abroad by you..and although my mother is now dead…as a result of the
    additional stresses and strains forced upon her by the difficulties you gave me from the
    you gave me….hence in reality you need to be convicted of manslaughter – ask the public, 'yes,'
    you say, 'we caused him to suffer injuries that certified him as unfit for work for life and hence
    gave him difficulties
    with his reasoning and actions and reactions and hearing and eyesight etc,
    and he was taken abroad because his mother had made prior arrangements to retire there prior to
    our causing his injuries..and difficulties etc, but we do state that if people are abroad their
    pension will be cut.'
    '…ok,' I say, 'even though I am disabled because of you and suffer the difficulties pressed upon
    me by the injuries you caused me to suffer , and also because you pressed me into this disabled
    life with no forethought of my mother's previous arrangements regarding where she had arranged to
    go before you disabled me, and hence my need – provided by yourselves – regarding my need to be
    cared for, ..and
    when, in effect, you killed her(Government murderers!), I was unable to survive
    in Spain with the limited funds you were forcing me to attempt to survive on in my awkward mental
    state…and hence I was forced into the cheapest country in Europe – Bulgaria – in my attempt to
    Admit it, want me dead. I have asked various media companies to finance my visit to the
    Eiffel Tower where I will, screaming as I fall 'Kill the guilty corrupticians who irresponsibly
    killed me!' as I fall and SPLAT! No more grief, no more pain, more suffering…
    asked you for legal aid to sue you, but you refused, saying I was abroad – because of you – and
    hence not entitled to it.
    100% of the blame is yours, ..but still you try hiding behind your official shoulders…whispering,
    'we're bigger than you so be quiet and suffer in silence.'
    I am abroad because of you, I am disabled because of you, I have lost years of my entitled pension
    because of you, and I have lost many of life's opportunities because of you.
    I claim, £10billion compensation for the years of stress I have suffered because of you, and the
    years of stress knowing I will never be fit enough to work again – which was not agreed at the
    court hearing where – outside the high-court in London – you made me –
    the retarded mad-man – a
    silly offer…a tenth or less than what is offered in the cheaper US, (CHEAPER US!)…but
    though an agreement was made that no further action would be taken…as you broke this agreement
    by committing the initial 'Further action' by cutting my pension illegally, I am hence entitled to
    take further legal action against yourselves for the details that should be ridiculed when
    you attempted to manipulate a mentally-disabled man…with his mother who knew nothing of the
    future possibilities – although you were fully aware of these from past experiences… – and hence
    the £10billion – from the Jan' 2006 lottery win I would have had – you cannot state legally
    had I been given the opportunity…had I been given my entitled pension and was hence able to buy
    winning ticket, ..I would not have bought that winning ticket – and then invest correctly,
    which you cannot say is impossible, ..having asked on Yahoo answers the reply was 'had you
    invested this sum…the sky's the limit! – a few dollars correctly invested can become millions…
    Hence the winnings I would have had – that you cannot say I would not, – and the investment I
    would have made – which you cannot say I would not, could now have made me so much…
    Actually, perhaps the £10billion is too low…

    Ask the public – should the government be responsible for the losses caused by the injuries an
    employee of theirs caused while working for them – he was convicted of driving without due care
    and attention…shame the sentence was not equal to mine…lengthwise at least!

  3. Kim Davies Lancaster UNITED KINGDOM

    This is unfair and very, very wrong!!!!

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