A request to Freeview to Re nstate the 4TV EPG System

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Created July 9, 2010 by Dave

Animal Welfare

Early July, 4TV/Inview discontinued the 14 day EPG service on Freeview. This has rendered thousands of digital PVR recorders near obsolete, most of which will needlessly end up in landfill.\r\n\r\nThis switch off affects PVRs from major manufacturers such as Sony, Thomson, Inview and Digifusion.\r\n \r\nMost of these PVR owners will be disillusioned with Freeview and will be unhappy with the way they have been treated. A large number will defect to alternative systems such as Freesat or Freesat from Sky.\r\n\r\nThis bad feeling is not good for Freeview or digital TV as a whole.\r\n\r\nWe understand that Freeview did not cause this problem, but Freeview could well provide the answer.\r\n\r\nWe, the undersigned therefore petition Freeview to request that they take over provision of the EPG system, previously provided by 4TV/Inview.\r\n\r\nThis could be as simple as the existing 7 day Freeview EPG but re-broadcast in a format that is compatible with our PVR's.\r\n\r\nThis would restore out faith in Freeview, as the 'gatekeepers' of terrestrial DTV in the UK.\r\n\r\nMany thanks,\r\n\r\nDave Hills

There are currently 12 signatures for this petition:

  1. deryck sawyer wallasey UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Nick Ashby London UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Tom Curbison UNITED KINGDOM

    I really need EPG to enjoy digital TV.

    Please, Please, Please help.

  5. Zoe Hopkinson Surbiton GERMANY
  6. Ray Butler Manchester UNITED KINGDOM

    This outrageopus punishment of early adopters of freeview MUST be reversed

  7. Mike Harwood-Grayson Llandysul UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Mike Powell Swaffham UNITED KINGDOM

    It is ridiculous in this day and age when people are being asked to save and recycle to suddenly make perfectly working equipment obsolete.

  9. Daniel W poole UNITED KINGDOM

    There was a big fuss when a load of old and cheap daewoo boxes broke because of a freeveiw update, But these are not cheap boxes, They are full pvrs, and a guide is important. Because these boxes were high quality, many still survive today even after daily use.\r\n\r\nDan\r\nFvrt 200 owner

  10. Wendy Pearce Woking UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Rebecca Case Aberdeen
  12. John Haywood Tewkesbury UNITED KINGDOM

    I have a Philips 7260H PVR/DVR and lost my EPG in January

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